Radiology PPJ Paralleling technique

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  1. The paralleling technique is also known as
    • Extension Cone Paralleling (XCP) Technique
    • Right Angle Technique
    • Long Cone Technique
  2. What are the principles of the paralleling technique
    • Receptor placed parallel to long axis of tooth (must be in center of palate to achieve parallelism)
    • Central Ray is directed perpendicular to receptor and long axis of tooth
    • Beam alignment device must be used to maintain position (maintain parallelism)
  3. What are the advantages of the paralleling technique
    • Accuracy-provides image with minimal dimensional distortion
    • Simplicity-easy to learn, film holders and beam alignment devices eliminate need to determine vertical and horizontal angulation
    • Duplication-standardized technique that can be accurately duplicated
  4. The only advantage of bisecting over parallel method is
    shorter distance from tooth to receptor; thus less magnification
  5. To minimize magnification that occurs due to increased tooth to receptor distance , the _________ and This is accomplished by
    • distance between the source of x-rays and the receptor must be increased
    • Increasing PID length (“Long Cone”) OR: Increasing the distance of the target (source of xrays) within the tubehead
  6. Short PID=
    More divergent rays exposing a larger area than necessary
  7. Long PID=
    Less divergent rays (more parallel), exposing a smaller area
  8. _______ inch PID produces less magnification and increased definition
  9. Long axis of the tooth is an
    imaginary line that divides the tooth longitudinally into two equal halves
  10. What are the three principles of the paralleling technique
    • 1. Receptor is placed in the mouth parallel to the long axis of the tooth
    • 2. PID or CR (central ray) is directed perpendicular (at a right angle) to the film and to the long axis of the tooth
    • 3. Film holders must be used to keep the film parallel with the long axis of the tooth
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