The Words You Should Know Letter A

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  1. Abberation
    (ab-uh-RAY-shun) n.
    Diverging from a moral standard or expected course. Temporary departure from normal or expected.
  2. Abet
    (uh-BET) v.
    To encourage or assist a plan or activity.
  3. Abjure
    (ab-JOOR) v.
    To renounce, repudiate, or reject one's word or professed beliefs.
  4. Abnegate
    (AB-neg-ate) v.
    To renounce, surrender, or deny privilege to oneself.
  5. Aboriginal
    (ab-uh-RIDGE-ih-Nul) adj.
    Indigenous or native to an area
  6. Abrade
    To wear away or rub off
  7. Abrogate
    To nullify or cancel
  8. Abrogation
    an official action used to formally and unilaterally conclude an agreement or deed.
  9. Abstemious
    (ab-STEE-me-us) adj.
    Consuming food and drink in moderation.
  10. Accentuate
    To intensify or accent
  11. Accord
    (uh-CORD) n.
    A formal reaching of agreement
  12. Accrue
    To accumulate or grow.
  13. Acquiesence
    (ak-wee-Ess-unce) n.
    The act of passive agreement or assent without objection.
  14. Acrimonious
    Mean-spirited, bitter, or ill-natured.
  15. Acume
    (ug-CUE-men) n.
    Keenness of judgment
  16. Adduce
    (uh-DUCE) v.
    To cite as an example or justification.
  17. Adjudicate
    (ad-JOO-di-cate) v.
    To employ judicial procedure as a means of hearing and settling a case.
  18. Adjure
    To command solemnly as if under oath.
  19. Adulation
    Extreme praise, admiration, or flattery, especially of a servile nature
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