US Constitution "The Executive Branch" - Q's

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  1. Where can information about the Executive branch be found?
    information about the executive branch can be found in Article II, amendments 12, 20, 22, 23, & 25
  2. what is the executive branch?
    the executive branch is made up of the POTUS, the VP, the president's cabinet, and all other dept under the president.
  3. what is the president's main function?
    the president's main function is to see that the laws are enforced and carried out.
  4. who elects the POTUS and the VP?
    The electoral college, or all the electors in the US, elects the POTUS and VP.
  5. What is an elector and how are they selected?
    An elector are people selected by their party to vote on their behave for president and VP.
  6. How are the votes of the Electoral College counted?
    The votes of the Electoral college must be counted in front of both houses of Congress.
  7. How many electors are there?
    538 electors, one for each member of congress and three from DC
  8. When do electors vote?
    Electors vote the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.
  9. What are the qualifications to be elected president?
    • To be elected president you must
    • natural born citizen
    • 35 years of age
    • have lived in USA for at least 14 years
  10. presidential succession
    presidential succession is the line of people who fill in the office if the POTUS dies, resigns, or is removed from office.
  11. Who are in the line of succession?
    • The line of succession includes these people
    • VP, president pro-tempore of the senate, the president's cabinet in order of their establishment excluding the secretaries of health and human services, housing and urban development, and transportation.
  12. What are some of the powers and duties of POTUS?
    • POTUS is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, requires written reports from the heads of the executive dept., grant reprieves and pardons except for impeachment cases, to make treaties,
    • appoint ambassadors, public ministers, consuls, supreme Court Judges, and other offices.
  13. What are the President's Cabinet offices?
    Secretay of state, Secretay of treasury, Secretay of Defense, Attorney General, Secretay of Interior, Secretay of Agriculture, Secretay of Commerce, Secretay of labor, Secretay of health and urban development, Secretay of Energy, Secretay of education, Secretay of veterans Affairs
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