2/2 CDC Vol.1 2017 Unit review

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  1. 35. (009) Who determines and reports the location, types, and quantity of airfield pavement damage to the emergency operations center?
    Damage assessment team.
  2. 36. (009) Which type of airfield pavement damage has an apparent diameter equal to or greater than 15 feet and penetrates through the pavement surface?
    Large crater.
  3. 37. (009) Which type of airfield pavement repairs create an operationally capable minimum operating strip, based on projected mission aircraft requirements, in the fastest manner possible?
  4. 38. (010) Which airfield damage repair (ADR) set uses 91 persons and 61 equipment items?
  5. 39. (010) Which airfield damage repair (ADR) set uses 164 persons and 135 equipment items?
  6. 40. (010) What is the acceptable repair quality criterion that the filled-in crater should be in comparison with the adjacent undamaged pavement surfaces?
    Flush, plus or minus ¾ inch.
  7. 41. (011) How is the AM–2 matting starter keylock placed after it is assembled?
    Parallel or perpendicular to the extended crater centerline.
  8. 42. (011) When attaching AM–2 matting towing tubes concurrent with the keylock assembly, how is the starter tube that receives the first piece of matting placed on the mandrel?
    With the prongs facing up.
  9. 43. (011) To install the first row of AM–2 mats the correct procedure is to start with
    full-size mats and lay left to right
  10. 44. (011) How do you keep the rows of AM–2 matting in proper alignment during assembly?
    Install locking bars in between the mats.
  11. 45. (012) When assembling folded fiberglass mat (FFM), the mats are placed end-to-end about
    4 feet apart
  12. 46. (012) When unfolding folded fiberglass mat (FFM), the criteria used on the side opposite the tow vehicle to lift each successive panel as the tow vehicle pulls the mat is at least a
    four-member team or front-end loader with forks.
  13. 47. (012) What action should you take to try to prevent the resin from flaking at the folded fiberglass mat (FFM) hinge locations? a. Spray compressed air across each hinge.
    Have a vibratory roller make one pass down each hinge location and follow with a broom sweeper.
  14. 48. (012) When using 9 ½-inch long anchor bolts to anchor folded fiberglass mat (FFM) to asphalt pavements, what hole diameter and how deep should you drill?
    1½- by 10-inch.
  15. 49. (012) When it is necessary to anchor folded fiberglass mat (FFM) that was moved to repair a failed crater repair, the mat positioned for reanchoring by align the
    anchor-bolt holes at least 6 inches from the original holes.
  16. 50. (013) When repairing a spall with magnesium phosphate cement, you should mix the ingredients for
    1 to 2 minutes.
  17. 51. (014) Identify the type(s) of paint used for paint striping.
    Nonreflectorized and reflectorized.
  18. 52. (014) Which of the followings paints is used for all runway markings?
    Retroreflective white.
  19. 53. (014) Which of the following paints is used on runway shoulder markings and closed runway markings?
    Nonreflective yellow.
  20. 54. (014) Identify the paints used for all primary taxiway and taxi-lane markings. a. Retroreflective white.
    Retroreflective yellow
  21. 55. (015) After the minimum operating strip (MOS) layout and marker placement is complete, what is the final task for the four-person team?
    Remove any existing airfield marking signs.
  22. 56. (015) The paint striping machine’s spray guns are adjusted to provide a
    30- to 36-inch-wide stripe.
  23. 57. (015) Where you encounter difficulty locating signs to identify taxiways, mark the identification letter on the pavement near the .
    centerline in 6-foot block letters.
  24. 58. (016) Which type of hardening is only needed when the threat is great and time permits major military construction programming, design, and construction?
  25. 59. (017) You can connect additional sections of Concertainer together by a. pushing in the coil hinges and inserting a connecting pin. b. overlapping the coil hinges and inserting a connecting pin. c. expanding the additional section and inserting a connecting pin. d. rotating one end of the revetment 90 degrees and inserting a connecting pin.
  26. 60. (017) When constructing multi-layer Concertainer structures, approximately how high from the top should you fill the cells? a. 3 inches. b. 6 inches. c. 9 inches. d. 12 inches.
  27. 61. (018) When removing a guide roller from a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) door, you should open the door until the inside end of the door is within approximately .
    6 to 8 feet from the speed reducer.
  28. 62. (018) When removing a turret tank from a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) door, you should place a 100-ton capacity jack near the
    middle of the tank
  29. 63. (018) When removing a turret tank from a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) door, how do you keep the weight of the door from rupturing the jack’s hydraulic seals?
    Place a metal spacer underneath the door to hold the door off the tanks.
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