Urogenital Diaphragm

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  1. Urogenital diaphragm
    A. External urethral sphincter

    1.action: voluntary control of urination

    2.innervation: pudendal nerve

    B.Deep transverse perineal muscle


    a. superficial fascia (superior fascia)

    b. perineal membrane (inferior fascia)

    2. action: supports pelvic organs

    3.innervation: pudendal nerve
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  4. UG Diaphragm Consists of:
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  5. Two muscles form the UG diaphragm:
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  6. Perineal Spaces
    A. Deep perineal space

    1.boundaries: between the fascias of the UG diaphragm


    a.UG diaphragm

    b.membranous urethra

    B. Superficial perineal space

    • 1. boundaries: between perineal membrane and membranous layer of the
    • subcutaneous connective tissue (Colles' fascia)

    2. embryology of the external genitalia

    • a.Indifferent
    • stage

    i. genital tubercle

    ii. labioscrotal swelling

    iii. urethral fold

    b. differentiation:

    • i. dihydrotestosterone
    • (+): male

    • ii dihydrotestosterone
    • (-): female
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