Theatre Apre Plays Midterm

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  1. Agamennon
    Man comes back from war, his wife kills him and his pregnant girlfriend
  2. Lysistrata
    Women went on sex strike
  3. Antigone
    She buries her brother when she wasn't supposed to
  4. Menaechmi
    Mistaken identity. Was the basis for Shakespeare's comedy of errors.
  5. Orestia
    Trilogy of plays - only surviving presented trilogy in Greek
  6. Oedipus
    He fulfilled fate of killing his father and marrying his mother.
  7. Trojan Women
    Had sympathetic portrayal of women.
  8. Forty Seven Ronin or Chushungura
    Japan lord committed ritual suicide.
  9. Shakuntala
    Written in Sanskrit, Romance of a king and the foster daughter of a hermit, who secretly marry and then subjected to a long separation brought about by the curse. Similar to romeo and juliet
  10. Sotoba Kamachi
    Called her every night for 100 nights, on the 100th night he dies.
  11. Circle of Chalk
    Solomon-like judge frees an innocent person accused of a crime. Bertolt Brech adapted this play.
  12. Romance of Western Chamber
    A cycle of plays, by Wang Shifu. Dramas about two lovers who have been models for thousands of imitations down to the present century.
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