Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition

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  1. birth to one year average infant ____ their birthweight
  2. toddlers gain on average ___ oz and grow ____ inches per month

  3. Preschoolers gain ____ lb and grow ___ inches per year

  4. growth chart that is birth to 2 years
  5. growth char that is 2-20 years
  6. when do you start measuring BMI for age?
    2 years old
  7. is predictive of body fat for children over 2
    BMI for age
  8. underweight with BMI for age
    <5 percentile
  9. babies can crawl upstairs at
    15 months
  10. babies can run stiffly at
    18 months
  11. babies can walk up stair one step at a time at
    24 months
  12. babies can walk independently by
    1st birthday
  13. babies can go upstairs using alternate feet at
    30 months
  14. when to temper tantrums peak?
    start at two and between age 2-4
  15. when a child is fixed on one food
    food jag
  16. plan to help with food jags
    serve new foods with familiar foods and when child is hungry
  17. True/False: if your child won't eat something you have to force them to or they never will

    want meal time to be positive...never force or punish for not eating
  18. toddler sized portion
    1 tablespoon of each food group per year of age

    example: if 2 years old, 2 TBSP of each
  19. Parent or caretaker responsibilities in eating relationship
    • what is offered
    • when and where food are offered
  20. children responsibilities in eating relationship
    • how much they eat
    • whether they eat a particular food
  21. True/False: parents should not attempt to control intake
  22. Girls and boys intake for children age 1-3 years
    • girls: 992 kcal/day
    • boys: 1046 kcal/day
  23. Girls and boys intake for children age 4-8 years
    • girls: 1642 kcal/day
    • boys: 1742 kcal/day
  24. PA numbers for EER equation for GIRLS

    low active:
    very active:
    • sedentary:1
    • low active:1.16
    • active:1.31
    • very active:1.56
  25. PA numbers for EER equation for BOYS

    low active:
    very active:
    • sedentary:1
    • low active:1.13
    • active: 1.26
    • very active:1.42
  26. Protein needs for boys and girls ages (RDA)

    1-3: 1.1 g/kg/d or 13 g/day

    4-8: 0.95 g/kg/d or 19 g/day
  27. Iron, Zinc and Calcium for 1-3 year olds
    • iron: 7 mg/d
    • zinc: 3 mg/d
    • calcium: 700 mg/d
  28. Iron, Zinc and Calcium for 4-8 year olds
    • iron: 10
    • zinc: 5
    • calcium: 1000
  29. children are at risk for iron deficiency if they
    • consume a low iron diet
    • drink more than 24 oz of milk per day
    • low income
    • chronic illness
  30. iron supplementation recommendation for preschoolers if deficient
    3 mg/kg/d
  31. fiber recommendation for 1-3 year olds
    19 g/day
  32. fiber recommendation for 4-8 year olds
    25 g/day
  33. why is iron deficiency anemia a risk factor for lead poisoning?
    when you have iron deficiency anemia you have an increased risk for pica, and then you wanna put non-food sources in ur mouth which can be a risk for lead poisoning
  34. adequate ___ and __ may decrease lead absorption
    iron and calcium
  35. ____ might increase lead excretion
    vitamin C
  36. BMI for age of greater than or equal to 95th percentile is classified as
  37. BMI for age of greater than or equal to 85th to 94th percentile is classified as
  38. what is recommended tool for assessing overweight and obesity
    BMI for age
  39. True/false: if someone is obese you always need to recommend dramatic weight loss

    wanna maintain weight while going height for obese children ages 2-5
  40. True/False: Children following vegan diets tend to have lower rates of growth but remain within normal ranges
  41. strict vegan diets are deficient in (5)
    • vitamin B12
    • vitamin D
    • Calcium
    • Zinc
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
  42. meal timing for children in part day programs (4-7 hours)
    1 meal and 2 snacks


    2 meals and 1 snack
  43. meal timing for children in full day programs (greater than or equal to 8 hours)
    2 meals and 2 snacks


    1 meal and 3 snacks
  44. food in children care centers must be offered at intervals not less than ___ hours and no more than ___ hours
    2 and 3
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