Child and Preadolescent Nutrition

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  1. age for middle childhood
    5-10 years old
  2. Age for preadolescence girls
  3. Age for preadolescence boys
  4. average annual growth for children in this age
    7lb in weight and 2.5 inches in height
  5. an individual's belief in his/her capability to succeed in a specific situation or accomplish a task
    self efficacy
  6. True/False: kids that have more meals with their family have more nutritious meals (micronutrients and fiber) and have fewer weight issues and disordered eating
  7. energy needs for boys 

    age 4-8:
    age 9-13:
    • age 4-8: 1742 kcal
    • age 9-13: 2279 kcal
  8. energy needs for girls 

    age 4-8:
    age 9-13:
    • age 4-8: 1642 kcal
    • age 9-13: 2071 kcal
  9. protein needs for boys and girls 4-13 years old
    0.95 g/kg
  10. iron, zinc and calcium need for 4-8 year olds
    • iron: 10
    • zinc: 5
    • calcium: 1000
  11. iron, zinc and calcium need for 9-13 year olds
    • iron: 8
    • zinc: 8
    • calcium: 1300
  12. True/False: if a child is iron deficient you should recommend a MVI

    need an iron supplement specifically!!!
  13. BMI for age overweight
    85th- 94th percentile
  14. BMI for age obese
    >= 95th percentile
  15. underweight for children
    <= 5th percentile
  16. underweight for infants
    <= 2nd percentile
  17. what is increased liver enzymes in obese children indicative of?
    fatty liver (which is reversible) but if it is bad enough can progress to cirrhosis
  18. True/False: a predictor of childhood obesity is a BMI rebound < 5.5 years of age (earlier than normal)
  19. What is a huge risk factor in home for obesity
    maternal obesity
  20. True/False: any child that is OW or obese at 10 years old and at least one risk factor (family history, ethnicity) should be screened for DM 2
  21. Healthy people 2020 objective for screen time and children
    increase the proportion of children who view not meow that 2 hours of screen time per day from 79 to 87%
  22. 4 stage approach for prevention and treatment of OW and obesity
    • stage 1: prevention plus
    • stage 2: structured weight management
    • stage 3: comprehensive multidisciplinary intervention
    • stage 4: tertiary care intervention (reserved for serenely obese adolescents)
  23. If age 6-11 and have a BMI for age of 85th-94th percentile should do what?
    weight maintenance or BMI percentile deflection down

    (weight maintenance because they should be growing in height so BMI will go down)
  24. If age 6-11 and have a BMI for age of 95th-98th percentile should do what?
    gradual weight loss not more than 1 lb per month
  25. If age 6-11 and have a BMI for age of 99th percentile should do what?
    weight loss with maximum of and average of 2 lbs per week
  26. NHLBI guidelines for CVD health and risk reduction in children and adolescents (4)
    • 25-30% of daily kcal needs from fat
    • limit saturated fat and trans fats
    • encourage high dietary fiber intake
    • limit/avoid sugar-sweetened beverages
  27. True/False: organized sports should not take the place of regular PA (60 mins a day)
  28. ensuring that all foods available in schools should be consistent with the dietary guidelines for Americans and DRIs
    nutrition integrity
  29. federal program that provides financial reimbursement for participating schools to provide nutritionally-balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children daily. They must provide lunches based on the USDA standards (1/3 of the DRIs based on age/grade group)
    National School Lunch Program
  30. Nutriton standards for NSLP (4)
    • offer both fruits and vegetables (all subgroups) daily and whole grain foods (at least half of the grains must be whole)
    • offer only fat free or low fat milk varieties
    • limit calories based on age of children being served to ensure proper portion size
    • reduce amounts of saturated fat, trans fat and sodium
  31. True/False: fat free milk can be flavored or unflavored but low fat milk cannot be flavored
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