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  1. brain plasticity____ with age
  2. how are children evaluated for EI eligibility
    an independent team of EI therapists in the child's natural setting
  3. What are the eligibility requirements for TEIS?
    must be 1.5 standard deviations away from the norm for OT, PT, DV, and Speech
  4. the nutrition assessment is based on
    clinical opinion
  5. What does TEIS stand for
    therapeutic early intervention services
  6. what is 34% of andrea's caseload?
    difficult feeders or "picky eaters"
  7. Difficult feeders or picky eaters problems include (4)
    • oral motor problems
    • environmental/situational (food behaviors, parenting, bad scheduling)
    • Slow weight gain
    • narrow variety of food choices
  8. what is 7% of andrea's caseload?
  9. causes of FTT she sees
    • environmental
    • caused by a condition not yet diagnosed
    • in drug abusive environments
  10. what is 14% of andrea's caseload?
    Autism spectrum disorder
  11. what are the problems with ASD she sees
    • narrow food choices
    • limited number of food due in addition to fad diets like gluten/casein free
    • particular about color and texture

    *not all clinically diagnosed as having ASD but show signs and symptoms
  12. what is 5% of andrea's caseload?
    transplant/ heart defect
  13. the heart/transplant problems andrea sees
    • heart transplant
    • congenital defect, repaired
    • TF (tube feeding) or NG (nasogastric)

    she works on transitioning from TF to oral feeding
  14. what is 40% of andrea's caseload?
    Other problems

    a lot of inborn errors or metabolism or genetic defects that start with FTT prior to diagnosis
  15. what is FPIES
    food protein induced enterocolitis and they are allergic to rice barley carrots and chicken
  16. what is arginosuccinate lyase deficency
    a disruption of the urea cycle which means the child needs a 0 protein diet
  17. what is LARS?
    leucine processing disorder
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