Chapter 9. Small Group Communication

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  1. 9.1 Define Small Group and Team and the advantages a disadvantages of Small Groups
    is (1) a collection of individuals who (2) are connected to one another by some common purpose, (3) are interdependent, (4) have some degree of organization among them, and (5) see themselves as a group.
  2. Collection of Individuals
    Generally, a small group consists of approximately 3 to 12 people.
  3. Common Purpose
    The members of a group consists to one another through some common purpose.
  4. Interdependences
    In a small group, members are interdependent, meaning that the behavior of one member is significant to and has an impact on all other members.
  5. Organizing Rules
    Members of small groups must be connected by some organizing rules, or structure.
  6. Self-Perception as a group
    Members of small groups feel they are, in fact, members of a larger whole.
  7. Team
    is a particular kind of small group.
  8. Specific Purpose
    A team is often constructed for a specific purpose or task.
  9. Clearly Defined Roles
    In a team, member`s roles are rather clearly defined
  10. Goal Directed
    In a team all members are committed to achieving the same, clearly identified goal.
  11. Content Focused
    Teams are generally content focused.
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