PrevMed2- Swine Coronavirus

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  1. What are microbial properties of PEDV?
    • Coronavirus
    • enveloped
    • +ssRNA
    • transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) and porcine resp coronavirus (PRCV) are also coronaviruses and provide cross-protection against each other but NOT for PEDV
  2. Describe the reportability of PEDV.
    • NOT an OIE-listed disease
    • became nationally reportable in the USA in 2014
  3. How is PEDV transmitted?
    • direct transmission by fecal-oral transmission
    • indirect transmission by poop on fomites
  4. What is the incubation and shedding period of PEDV?
    • incubation 24-72 hours after infection
    • fecal shedding peaks at 5-6DPI and stops 21-35DPI
    • NOT ZOONOTIC, NOT FOOD SAFETY CONCERN, just bad for production
  5. Describe the pathogenesis of PEDV.
    attacks mature villous enterocytes in small intestine--> atrophic enteritis and villous blunting--> acute malabsorptive diarrhea, dehydration, metabolic acidosis
  6. Describe the morbidity and mortality of PEDV.
    • high morbidity
    • variable mortality (kills young pigs)
  7. Clinical signs of PEDV.
    • watery diarrhea, flocculent and fetid (not distinguishable from TGE)
    • +/- vomiting
    • 4-5 DPI
    • may become endemic
  8. How do you diagnose PEDV? (4)
    • virus isolation
    • real-time PCR (cannot distinguish b/w live and dead virus- may pick up nucleic acids from previous outbreak)
    • immunohistochemistry
    • electron microscopy
  9. Describe treatment options for PEDV. (5)
    • Neonatal piglets <7 days old will die...consider humane euth
    • Wean all surviving piglets at 10 days old and get them away from mom (source of infection)
    • supportive care through hydration and electrolytes
    • Growing pigs recover without treatment unless secondary infections occur
    • Build sow herd immunity- feed dead infected piglets
  10. Describe prevention and control of PEDV. (4)
    • natural immunity in maternal antibodies via colostrum from PEDV immune sows
    • vaccine is no good
    • all in-all out
  11. What are biosecurity procedures to put in place to limit risk from people? (10)
    • perimeter fence
    • sign-in book
    • door locks
    • door bell
    • shower-in
    • farm clothes
    • in barn kitchen
    • no foreign travel
    • down time (if you've been in contact with other pigs, you can't come back for a specified period of time)
    • wash hands
  12. Porcine delta-coronavirus clinical signs. (5)
    • [different from PEDV]
    • diarrhea
    • off feed sows
    • slower spread
    • quicker recovery (than PEDV)
    • 30-40% piglet mortality (lower than PEDV)
  13. What 3 viruses cause the same clinical signs?
    • PEDV
    • PDCoV (porcine delta coronavirus)
    • TGE
  14. How do you confirm a positive, reportable case of swine enteric coronavirus disease? (reportable in US only)
    • tested postive for PEDV, PDCoV, or other emerging swine enteric coronavirus by PCR, virus isolation, or viral genetic sequencing
    • AND
    • has a history of clinical signs consistent or from a herd with a history of clinical signs
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