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  1. draft
    vertical dist. from keel to waterline
  2. statutory freeboard
    deckline to respective loadline
  3. formula for manila rope
    • .        C squared
    • BS =          3

    •            C squared
    • SWL =        18
  4. wire rope
    BS = 2.5 C squared

    • .                 2C squared
    • SWL =               6
  5. center of bouyancy
    point through which total bouyancy of the ship is considered to act
  6. center of gravity
    point through which total weight of the ship is considered to act
  7. pitch
    • motion about the vessel's traverse axis
    • Image Upload 1
  8. rolling
    • motion about the vessel's longitudinal axis
    • Image Upload 2
  9. dead weight tonnage
    total weight that the vessel is allow to carry
  10. actual freeboard
    deckline to waterline
  11. LBP
    • length between perpendicular
    • dist. from stem intersects waterline to the axis of rudder stock
    • Image Upload 3
  12. LOA
    • length over all
    • dist from extreme ends of stem and stern
    • Image Upload 4
  13. moment
    created by a force or weight moved through a dist.
  14. metacenter
    the highest point to which center of gravity may rise and still permit the vessel to have positive stability
  15. hogging
    keel will curve upwards
  16. formula for condition of ship
    • .                   FD  +  AD
    • FAm  =                2
  17. net tonnage
    found by deducting from gross tonnage certain non earning spaces
  18. gross tonnage
    total of under deck tonnage
  19. yaw
    • motion about the vessels vertical axis
    • Image Upload 5
  20. sway
    • side to side linear motion of the ship
    • Image Upload 6
  21. specific gravity formula
    • .                  density of subs. in oz per cu. foot
    • SG of a subs.    1000 fresh h20
  22. ulage
    • vertical dist. from above deck datum to surface of the liquid in tank
    • Image Upload 7
  23. broken stowage
    • space between packages which remain unfilled
    • Image Upload 8
  24. light draft
    her draft when no cargo
  25. loaded displacement
    total weight of ship when fully loaded
  26. breaking strength
    weight applied to material just enough to destroy it
  27. safe working load
    weight applied to material for regular use without destroying it
  28. drift
    the estimated resultant of wind, current of tidal stream that will cause a change of position
  29. search pattern
    • 1. expanding square search pattern
    • 2. sector search pattern
    • 3. parallel track search pattern 2 ships
    • 4.     "        "        "         "        3 ships
    • 5.     "        "        "         "        4 ships
    • 6. ship/aircraft coordinated search pattern
  30. ICS
    international code of signals

    the set of code of  signals consists of

    • 26 alphabet flags
    • 10 numerical pendants
    • 3  substitute
    • 1  answering pendant

    40 flags all in all
  31. unstable equilibrium
    exists  when G is above M

    vessel does not tend to return to an erect position after being inclined, but for small angles, tends to cont. inclination or capsize
  32. neutral equilibrium
    G conside with M and no righting arm
  33. displacement tonnage
    actual weight of ship and all aboard her at any particular time
  34. light displacement
    weight of ship on light draft
  35. density
    mass per unit volume
  36. breadth (beam)
    maximum breath of the ship measure amidship to the outside of frame
  37. rope is made up of 5
    • nylon
    • terylene
    • manila
    • sisal
    • coir
  38. TPI
    number of tons necessary to change the mean draft of a vessel by one inch
  39. hydrostatics curves
    curves based on the form of immersed portion of a vessel TPI, MTI, B and M
  40. TCG
    Traverse position of center of gravity

    vertical center of gravity
  41. stowage plan
    an outline plan of a ships holds showing cargo disposition
  42. stowage factor
    the number of cubic feet of a certain merchandice necessary to weight a longton
  43. stability
    ablity of a vessel to return to its original condition after it has been disturbed by an outside force
  44. chain leading
    • 1. clock position
    • 2. moderate/ tight/ very tight
    • 3. up and down
    • 4. across the bow
    • 5. under the keel
  45. datum
    the probable position of search target which the expected effect of drift since  the initial position
  46. heel/ list
    traverse angle of inclination of a vessel
  47. heeling moment
    the  moment of tending to heel the vessel
  48. 1 ton - cu. ft.
    100 cu. ft.
  49. 1 ton - cu. m
    2.83 cu. m
  50. trim
    difference of draft aft and forward
  51. sagging
    keel will curve downwards
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