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  1. "BIANCA" ensemble leave stage. Men walk R to L put money in phone and dial.
    • Yeah Gumpy. Yeah yeah
    • I got a question to ask Mr Hogan.
    • Well I want to report in Gumpy.
    • Mr Hogan likes it when I report in Gumpy.
    • Why should I call you Mister Gumpy?
    • Get me Hogan.
    • Oh I see yeah...
    • Yes of course we'll pay you a visit Mr Gumpy.
    • Alright Mr Gumpy, Yes Mr Gumpy. Sure Mr Gumpy.
  2. Indicates to Man 2
    • Gumpy (up)
    • Hogan (thumbs down)
  3. Man 2: You mean it?
    Fred enters.
    • (tearing up the I.O.U)
    • Mr Graham,
    • I guess this is the end of our very pleasant¬† association.
  4. Fred: What's this?
    • I guess we got to declare a moratorium on you,
    • seeing as how Mr Gumpy declared a moratorium on Mr Hogan.
    • His unidentified remains will be found floating in the Bat tomorrow.
  5. Man 2: Rest his soul.
    • So that lets you out..
    • and we must part.
  6. Lilii comes in.
    Fed Where's the man of destiny? Lilli: He's on the phone with the President. He'll be down in a minute. Man 2: Mis Vanessi, we want to say au revoir.
    It's been a delightful experience.
  7. Man 2: Very educational. We'll always think of you.
    • We must be off.
    • Gumpy wants us to see a man in the Georgetown area.
    • Must be a senator.
    • Can we drop you?
  8. Fred: Gentalmen, could you return the costumes?
    Cloths doth proclaim the man. (to audience)
  9. Man 2: the Warden at San Quentin.
    Exit upper stage R
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