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  1. As an Entered Aprentice Whence come you?
    From the Lodge of holy Saint's John at Jerusalem.
  2. What come you here to do?
    To learn to subdue my passions and improve myself in Masonry.
  3. Then I presume you are a Mason?
    I am so taken and accepted among brothers and fellows.
  4. What makes you a Mason
    My Obligation.
  5. How do you know yourself to be a Mason?
    By having been often tried, and never denied, and always willing to be tried again.
  6. How shall I know you to be a Mason?
    By certain signs, a token, a word and the perfect points of my entrance.
  7. What are signs?
    Right angles, horizontal, and perpendiculars.
  8. What is a token?
    A certain friendly and brotherly grip whereby one mason may know another in the dark as well as the light.
  9. Give me a sign
    (Gives sign)
  10. Has that an allusion?
    It has; to the penalty of my obligation.
  11. Give me a token?
    *Gives tg
  12. I hele
    I conceal
  13. What do you conceal?
    All the secretsof Masons in Masonry, except it be from him or them to whom they of right belong
  14. Has it a name?
    It has.
  15. Give it me
    I did not so receive it, neither can I so impart it.
  16. How will you dispose of it?
    Letter and halve it with you.
  17. Letter and begin
    Begin you
  18. Nay, you begin
    *note - begins word given
  19. What are the prefect points of your entrance?
    The guttural, pectoral, manual, and pedal.
  20. To what do they represent?
    The throat, breast, hands, and feet.
  21. Where were you first prepared to be made a Mason?
    In my heart.
  22. Where next?
    In a room adjacent to a just and lawfully constructed lodge of Masons.
  23. How were you prepared?
    By being divested of all metals, neither naked nor clothed, barefoot nor shod, hood- winked, and a cable tow about my neck, in which situation I was conducted to the door of the Lodge by a friend whom I afterwards found to be a brother.
  24. How did you know it to be a door, being hood-winked?
    By 1st meeting resistance and afterward gaining admission.
  25. How gain you admission?
    By 3 distinct knocks.
  26. What was said to you from within?
    "Who comes here? "
  27. Your answer?
    A poor blind candidate, who is desirous of being brought from darkness to light by receiving part of the rights, lights, and benefits of this Worshipful Lodge, erected to God and dedicated to the Holy Saint's John, as many a brother and fellow has done who has gone this way before him.
  28. What were you then asked?
    If it was of my own free will and accord, if I was worthy and well qualified, duly and truly prepared; all of which being answered in the affirmative, I was asked by what further right I expected to gain admission.
  29. Your answer?
    Being a man, free born, of lawful age and coming well recommended.
  30. How were you then disposed?
    I was directed to wait with patience until the Worshipful Master was informed of my request and his answer returned.
  31. What answer did he return?
    Let him enter and be recieved in due and ancient form.
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