Social Studies Ch3

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  1. adapt
    • change the way you live to fit a new place.
    • example: Navajo in the desert
  2. culture
    way of life, or the beliefs, ideas and language of a group of people
  3. Religion
    belief in God or gods
  4. ceremony
    formal act or event that celebrates a people's beliefs
  5. Internet
    large system of computers
  6. Navajo
    • believe NATURE is sacred
    • live in desert
    • grow corn squash bbeans
    • hunt deer
    • herd sheep and made wool blankets
  7. Yurok
    • northern California
    • live near forest and rivers, made dams, used only what they needed
    • eat: berries, seeds, FISH
    • houses: underground
  8. Yurok money
    tooth shells
  9. economy
    way that people choose to make, buy, sell and use things
  10. custom
    something members of a group traditionally do
  11. trade
    exchange (items or money) with someone else
  12. barter
    trade one item for another itm
  13. Cherokee
    • live: SouthEast US, Appalachian mountains
    • 2 houses for summer and winter
    • hunted, fished, gathered fruits, CORN
  14. Cherokee homes
    • winter: small round easy to keep warm
    • summer: posts & slanted roofs
  15. history
    record of past events
  16. Sequoyah
    invented Cherokee language
  17. Cherokee fought with Europeans over ____.
  18. What is the Trail of Tears?
    In 1830s, USA made Cherokee move West to Oklahoma and over 4 thousand Cherokee died.
  19. tradition
    • culture's special way of doing something
    • example: food, dance, crafts
  20. Haudenosaunee
    • people of the longhouse: many families(CLAN) lived in one long house
    • NorthEast near Lola Baby
    • farm corn bean, squash
    • had to store food for winter
    • hunted deer, bears
    • animal skin for clothing
  21. Hiawatha
    • agreed with Peachemaker and ended war between Haudenosaunee nations
    • created a new government
  22. Government
    • organization that makes laws and keeps order
    • Haudenosaunee goverment=Iriquois League
  23. constitustion
    basic laws and ideas that a government and people follow.
  24. piedmont
    gently rolling land at base of mountains where soil is good for planting crops.
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