MAT Vocab B

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  1. Bellicose
    warlike, aggressive

    belligerent, hostile, combative ,pugnacious
  2. Belligerent
    hostile, tending to fight

    bellicose aggressive, combative, pugnacious
  3. Benighted

    ignorant, unschooled, illiterate
  4. Best
    to get the better of, beat

    defeat, trounce, vanquish, rout, worst
  5. Bevy

    band, gang, bunch, pack, troop
  6. Bilk
    to cheat, defraud

    swindle, dupe, fleece
  7. Bipedal

    upright, two-legged
  8. Blandish
    to coast with flattery

    cajole, charm, seduce, wheedle
  9. Blasphemous
    cursing, profane, irreverent

    sacrilegious, impious
  10. Blithe
    joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought

    glad, happy, carefree, insouciant
  11. Boor
    crude person, one lacking manners or taste 

    lout, clod, oaf, vulgarian, yahoo
  12. bourgeois
    middle class

    capitalist, conventional
  13. bovine
    cowlike, relating to cows

    sluggish, dull, stolid
  14. brazen
    bold, shameless, impudent; of or like brass

    audacious, brash, contumelious, insolent
  15. breach
    act of breaking ,violation 

    gap, lapse, rift, contravention, dereliction
  16. broach
    to mention or suggest for the first time

    raise, introduce, propose
  17. brusque
    bought and abrupt in manner 

    blunt, curt, gruff, rude, tactless
  18. bucolic
    pastoral, rural 

    rustic, country agrarian
  19. burgeon
    to sprout or flourish 

    blossom, thrive, expand, grow, proliferate
  20. burnish
    to polish, make smooth and bright

    shine buff
  21. bustle
    commotion, energetic activity 

    flurry, ado, tumult
  22. buttress (v.)
    to reinforce or support 

    bolster, brace, prop, strengthen
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