Intro to brain and behavior part 2

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  1. Evolution
    • Time
    • Adaptation ( environment changes )
    • Genetic mutation ( Structure of DNA change )
    • Randomness
  2. Evolutionary timeline ( 4.5 Billion yrs ago)
  3. Evolutionary timeline ( 3.5 Billion yrs ago )
    Unicellular Organism
  4. Evolutionary timeline ( 850 Million yrs ago)
  5. Evolutionary timeline ( 14 Million yrs ago)
  6. Evolutionary timeline ( 7 Million yrs ago)
  7. Evolutionary timeline ( 200,000 yrs ago)
  8. What are the two groups of primates?
    • Monkey
    • Great apes
  9. What are the subgroups of Monkeys?
    • New World Monkey
    • Old World Monkey
  10. Examples of Great apes?
    • Orangutans
    • Gorillas
    • Chimpanzees
    • Bamboos
  11. Homosapians are a subgroup of?
  12. What was the size of hominids 2million years ago?
    About 2/3 the size of a human brain.
  13. What was the main form of communication among back then, and still in effect today?
    Chemical Communication
  14. What were the chemical messengers that were used for communication 3.5 billion yrs ago?
    • Glutamate
    • GABA
  15. What are the most prevalent neurotransmitters in the brain?
    • Glutamate
    • GABA
  16. Exaptation
    What a species takes existing components and forms new function for them.
  17. What is an example of Exaptation?
    Feather originally not used for flying but instead for warmth.
  18. What were the hominids brain development
    • High level motor
    • Language
    • teamwork
    • social skills
  19. What is the ratchet effect?
    Always trying to be better/improve upon ourselves.
  20. Do chimpanzees have the ratchet effect?
    No chimpanzee can imitate for a better way but cannot or don't have the need to improve on their own.
  21. Rope and board experiment (Toddler)
    • More effect
    • Greater communication
    • More collaboration
  22. Rope and board experiment (Apes)
    • Less collaboration
    • Less Communication
    • Fight among each other for the prize
  23. paleolithic period and what began during that time?
    32 million yrs ago tool making for hunting began
  24. Tool making: New tools was different than old tool making how? And what about the brain size of the people compared to the people who made old tool making?
    • Frontal cortex ( not in old tool making)
    • Task switching
    • Restraint
    • Frontal lobe of the hominid who made the younger tool were larger
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