Chem 5, College of the Desert

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  1. Alcohol
    • A compound that has an -OH group bonded to a saturated, alkane-like carbon atom,
    • R-OH.
  2. Phenol
    • A compound that has an -OH group bonded directly to an aromatic, benzene-like ring,
    • Ar-OH.
  3. Ether
    A compound that has an oxygen atom bonded to two organic groups, R-O-R.
  4. Common Alcohols
    • Methanol
    • Ethanol
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Ethylene Glycol
  5. Naming alcohol
    Adding "ol" to the ending of the parent chain ( along with # the placement of where the -OH is attached.
  6. Glycol
    A dialcohol, or diol, having the two -OH groups on adjacent carbons.
  7. Dehydration
    The loss of H-OH from an alcohol to yield an alkene.
  8. Carboxyl group
    The C=O functional group.
  9. Alkoxide Ion
    • The anion resulting from deprotonation of an alcohol,
    • RO^-
  10. Alkoxy group
    An -OR group.
  11. Thiol
    • A compound that contains an
    • -SH group, R-SH.
  12. Disulfide
    A compound that contains a sulfur-sulfur bond, RS-SR.
  13. Alkyl halide
    A compound that has an alkyl group bonded to a halogen atom, R-X.
  14. Naming dials ( or 2 OH)
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