PLC chapter 10

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  1. Network for which it is possible to calculate the time a station must wait before it can transmit
    deterministic network
  2. term given to networks that support only one communications channel
  3. a network topology in which stations are connected in a closed circular fashion
  4. a network for which it is not possible to calculate the time a station must wait before it can transmit
    non-deterministic network
  5. a network topology involving a single main cable to which individual nodes are attached in a multidrop fashion by tapping ff of the main cable
    bus network
  6. guidelines that establish conventions for items such as electrical circuits, data formats, information encoding, data flow, and user services, to facilitate communicatins between partners
    network protocol
  7. a network topology in which all stations are connected to a central station or central coupler in a point-to-point fashion
  8. an access scheme in which certain subordinate stations access to the network to transmit messages is governed by a master station
  9. term given to networks that utilize CATV technology and supports multiple communications channels
  10. a group of protocols selected to fill each of the communications functions as established by the OSI model, and that functions as a single protocol
    protocol stack
  11. an access scheme in which a unique bit pattern is passed around the network from station to station, and only the station holding the pattern is able to transmit on the network
    token passing
  12. physical layout, or the geometric configuration of a network, determined by the way nodes are attached
  13. an access scheme in which all stations have equal access to transmit on the network, and stations contend for an opportunity to transmit messages
  14. The worst-case time required for sending station to prepare and send a message, and for the receiving partner to prepare to receive and consequently receive the data
    network response
  15. the volume of net(actual) data that can be moved by the network in a fixed period (eg. words/min)
  16. used to extend the allowable physical distance of a network, by regenerating and re-translating signals
  17. a method prescribing orderly use of a shared network media by multiple stations
    media access control
  18. device that functions as a level-2 relay, and is able to filter data traffic between two similar networks
  19. private data communications system that spans a limited geographical area, typically one to two miles
    local area network
  20. device or system connecting two completely dissimilar networks, by translating protocols at all layers
  21. a plantwide network into which plan information and control subnetworks may be directly or indirectly tied
    • local area network
    • or
    • backbone network
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