Messer Chapter 1.2 - The Motherboard

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  1. ATX
    Advanced Technology eXtended
  2. What are the three main form factors?
    • 1. ATX
    • 2. MicroATX
    • 3. Mini-ITX
  3. How many pins are on the power connectors ?
    20 or 24
  4. PCI
    Peripheral Component Interconnect
  5. PCI-X
    PCI eXtended
  6. PCIe
  7. What is the PCI and what is it's speed range?
    It is the legacy PCI slot and its speed range from 133 MB/s to 533 MB/s
  8. What was the PCI-X designed for and what is it's speed?
    • It was designed to work on 64 bit servers.
    • Speed is 1,064 MB/s
  9. What is the Mini PCI and PCIe mini card?
    Bus slots used in laptops
  10. What is the PCIe used for mainly?
    High performance devices such as video cards
  11. What is the speed range for PCIe?
    250 MB/s to 2 GB/s
  12. What two architectures does PCI support? (Sizes of the physical slot)
    • 32 bit (Smaller size)
    • 64 bit (Bigger size)
  13. Which 2 bus slots communicated in a parallel format?
    • 1. PCI
    • 2. PCI-X
  14. How does PCIe communicate ? Serial or parallel?
  15. How many lane types are there for PCIe?
  16. What does the x stand for?
    • by
    • x16
  17. What are the throughput for each version of PCIe? (4)
    • v1 - 250 MB/s
    • v2 - 500 MB/s
    • v3 - 1GB/s
    • v4 - 2GB/s
  18. DIMM
    Dual Inline Memory Module
  19. SO-DIMM
    Small Outline DIMM
  20. Micro-DIMM
  21. DIMM SRAM has how many pins?
    168 pins
  22. DIMM DDR1 has how many pins?
    184 pins
  23. DIMM DDR2, DDR3 has how many pins?
    240 pins
  24. SO-DIMM Is used in what?
    Laptops and Mobile Devices
  25. SO-DIMM DDR, DDR2 has how many pins?
    200 pins
  26. SO-DIMM DDR3 has how many pins?
    204 pins
  27. Micro-DIMM DDR has how many pins?
    172 pins
  28. Micro-DIMM DDR2, DDR3 has how many pins?
    214 pins
  29. RAM
    Random Access Memory
  30. What is the data width for the DIMM?
    64 bit
  31. What is the SO-DIMM used for?
    Laptops and mobile devices
  32. Micro dimm is used for what?
    Mobile devices
  33. PGA
    Pin Grid Array
  34. LGA
    Land Grid Array
  35. ZIF
    Zero Insertion Force
  36. What is ZIF?
    It is a socket type for CPUs with pins (PGA)
  37. Difference between PGA and LGA?
    The LGA socket has the pins and PGA has the holes
  38. What is the AKA for the northbridge?
    Memory Controller Hub
  39. What is the AKA for the southbridge?
    I/O Controller Hub
  40. What does the northbridge do?
    It is in charge of the connections for all high data transfer devices such as video cards and RAM. Also manages the connection between the CPU and memory
  41. What does the southbridge do?
    it is in charge of all secondary controllers such as USB, Ethernet, SATA, BIOS.. Low data controllers
  42. What 3 functions have moved onto the CPU?
    • 1. GPU
    • 2. Northbridge
    • 3. Cores
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