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  1. Activity
    The rate at which an enzyme catalyzes the reaction that converts a substrate to product
  2. Acidic Amino Acid
    An Amino acid that has a carboxylic acid side chain (-COOH), which ionizes as a week acid.
  3. (Alpha) Helix
    A secondary level of protien structure , in which hydrogen bonds connect the NH of one peptide bond with C=O of a peptide bond later in the chain to form a coiled or corkscrew structure.
  4. Amino Acid
    The building block of proteins; consisting of an amino group, a carboxylic acid group, and a unique side group attached to the Alpha carbon.
  5. Basic Amino Acid
    An Amino acid that contains an amino (NH2) group that can ionize as a weak base.
  6. Coenzyme
    An organic molecule, usually a vitamin, required as a cofactor in enzyme action.
  7. B (Beta) - pleted sheet
    A secondary level of protein structure that consists of hydrogen bonds between peptide links in parallel polypeptide chain.
  8. Activity site
    A pocket in a part of the tertiary enzyme that binds structure and catalyzes a reaction.
  9. C Terminal
    The end amino acid in a peptide chain with a free (-COO-) group.
  10. Collagen
    The most abundent form of protein in the body, composed of fibrils of triple helixes with hydrogen bonding between -OH groups of hydroxyprotein and hydroxylysine.
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