Soc. St. Ch. 18, 19, 20

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  1. A railroad that would span the continent and connect the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
    Transcontinental railroad
  2. Financial aid and grants from the government
  3. Towns located near railroads to market and ship cattle
    Cow towns
  4. Land act that allotted up to 160 acres to settlers at $1.25/acre, settlers had to live on homesteads for five years and make improvements/farm the land
    Homestead Act
  5. Land act that was passed by government that set aside land to build the transcontinental railroad
    Pacific Railway Act
  6. African-Americans who migrated from Southern states to settle in Kansas, named after the biblical Book of Exodus
  7. Came to US for gold rush, eventually worked Central Pacific RR, 11000 in total, many Chinese worked on blowing up Sierra Nevada Mountains in the West, nearly 1200 died
    Chinese Immigrants (RR)
  8. Location in Utah where the Union Pacific RR and Central Pacific RR met, transcontinental RR was completed May 10 1869
    Promontory Point
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Transcontinental railroad

Soc. St. Ch. 18, 19, 20
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