that's english modulo 7 unit 2 vocabulario

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  1. admitió publicamente
    publicly admitted

    that he had taken drugs so that he could boost his performance.
  2. tomar drogas
    take drugs
  3. mejorar su rendimiento
    • boost (his )performance
    • /buːst/
    • /pəˈfɔːməns/
  4. retirar quitar titulo
    take away (his) title
  5. injusto
  6. tomar sustancias para mejorar su rendimiento
    take substances for improving their performance.

    take substances in order to improve their performance
  7. puntualizar
    point out

    he points out that banning drugs in sport just makes the situation worse

    I should also like to point out the need to invest in health research  (investigation sanitaria )
  8. drogas prohibidas
    banning drugs
  9. argumentar
    argue /ˈɑːɡjuː/

    he argues that if drugs were legal, then scientists could do research in order to learn how to use them safely.
  10. investigar 
    hacer investigaciones
    do research

    carry out research
  11. hacer pruebas
    carry out trials /ˈtraɪəl/
  12. ensayos pruebas
    trials /ˈtraɪəls/
  13. llegar a la conclusion
    come to the conclusion
  14. mejorar superarse
    to perform better

    professional athletes will never take substances in order to perform better.
  15. plantearse usar (algo)
    look into using them

    Just think about it: if drugs could help you to earn millions of dollars as a world-class athlete, wouldn’t you look into using them?
  16. no te plantearias probarlas
    no las utilizarias?
    wouldn't you look into using them
  17. drogas que aumentan el rendimiento
    • performance-enhancing drugs
    • /pəˈfɔːmənsɪnˌhɑːnsɪŋ/
  18. centrarse en
    focus on

    The Catholic Church, for example, recently protested that professional sport is now a huge business operation where people just focus on money.
  19. nuevo ambiente
    new environment,
  20. perder su dignidad mas elemental
    perder sus principios elementales
    lose their basic human dignity.
  21. engañar, hacer trampa
    • cheat /tʃiːt/
    • he was cheating or gainning an unfair advantage.
  22. ganar
    gain /ɡeɪn/

    gain an unfair advantage

    también es ganar peso ( put on weight) engordar

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