that's english modulo 7 unit 2

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  1. he sido objeto de
    i have been the subject of ......

    i have been the subject of some very unfair criticism
  2. tomar drogas
    take drugs

    he had taken drugs in order to boost his performance
  3. mejorar el rendimiento
    • improve
    • boost
  4. instalar
    set up

    in order to train more effectively, jose has set up a especially equipped (i'kuipt) gym

    I would like to set up a fully equipped gym in my home in order to train every day
  5. retirar
    take away

    his title has been taken away before his confession
  6. destacar 
    point out

    he point out that banning drugs in sport just makes the situation worse
  7. averiguar
    estar averiguando 
    intentando descubrir
    figure out

    I'm starting to figure out how to get fit

    Use this helpful(util)calculator to figure out how much life insurance/ɪnˈʃʊərəns/ you may need.

    he always figures out different kinds of drugs in order to boost my perfomance

    we'll figure out the way to stop it

    we'll try to figure out a solution

    he figures out the best way to train so that i can be selected for the national trails
  8. esta absolutamente prohibido
    it is absolutely forbidden
  9. esforzarse (musculatura entrenamiento)
    push yourself

    you don't have to push yourself and take step by step

    winners push themselves in order to improve their performance

    they hesitate(dudar) to push themselves

    this can lead to(provocar  que) muscle injury if you push yourself too far or too hard
  10. hacer una pausa
    take a break
  11. provocar, causar, dar lugar a
    lead to

    it may lead to loss of benefit

    this may lead to dependency ( puede que produzca dependencia)

    This research will lead to a reduction in diseases ( dar lugar a una reduction en las enfermdades)

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