CH. 19 Advanced Topics and Treatments

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  1. Intergangeable terms to define the process of removing excess accumulations of dead cells from the corneum layers of the epidermis
    superficial peeling, exfoliation, keratolysis, and desquamation
  2. Mircodermabrasion is an example of what type of exfoliation
  3. Body scrubs is an example of what type of exfoliation?
  4. Using glycolic acid is an example of what type of exfoliation?
  5. More than _____ years ago, ________ used a form of chemical peeling (lactic acid).
    5,000; Egyptians
  6. the rate of cell mitosis and migration from the dermis to the tp of the dermis. This process slows down with age
    Cell Renewal Factor (CRF); Cell Turnover Rate
  7. The keratinized corneum layer is composed of approximately __ to __ layers and varies in thickness in different body areas.
  8. While exfoliating is great for the skin, a _________ balance must be maintained, especially for alpidic (dry) skin.
  9. Alipidic
    dry skin
  10. What peel contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol in an ethanol solvent?
    Jessner's peel
  11. Which of the AHAs penetrates the epidermis most effectively and has the smallest molecular size?
    Glycolic acid
  12. Name 5 AHAs and where they are derived from
    • Glycolic- Sugar Cane
    • Lactic- Milk
    • Tartaric- Grapes
    • Citric- Citrus Fruit
    • Malic- Apples
  13. A BHA used to dissolve oil and is used for oily skin and acne. It is derived from sweet birch, willow bark, and wintergreen; Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
    Salicylic acid
  14. pH 1-6
  15. pH of 8-14
  16. What is a neutral pH
  17. Average pH of Skin
  18. ingredients added to product to help make them less irritating
    Buffering Agents
  19. In CA, we cannot use acids below what pH?
  20. Name a few things you must discuss with your client before a chemical exfoliation service
    • Issues/Contraindications
    • Explain the Procedures
    • Expected Outcome
    • Realistic Goals
  21. Beneficial Ingredients for Mature, sensitive, and dry skin
    Glycolic acid, lactic acid, ceramides, hyaluranic acid, phospholipids, linoleic acid, aloe vera, allantoin, kojic acid, licorice root, peptides
  22. _____ plays a vital role in creating a positive outcome with the microdermabrasion machine.
  23. Improper use of microdermabrasion can actually cause....
    hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation
  24. What is the range of wavelengths used in light therapy?
    visible, infrared, and far infrared
  25. LED tchnology is Nonthermal which means...
    it does not use heat
  26. Blue light is used for
  27. Amber and red light is used for
    muscles and healing
  28. What effect does red light give off
  29. What effect does green light give off
  30. How long are LEDs used in facials
    15 min
  31. What are some of the growing uses for microampere electrical neuromuscular stimulation
    • Healing muscles and wounds
    • Controlling Pain
    • Fusing Bones
  32. Wave therapy; devices mimic the way the brain relays messages to the muscles
  33. As we age, impulses slow down, causing..
    skin to sag
  34. What technology in esthetics is used for product penetration and for cellulite reduction?
    Ultrasound technology
  35. What effects does Ultrasound provide?
    deep-penetrating----stimulates tissue, increase blood flow, and promotes oxygenation
  36. What process using ultrasound to send waves through the skin assisting in product penetration?
    sonophoresis(similar to iontophoresis)
  37. 2 interchangable terms for exfoliation
    polishes and glows
  38. spa treatment that uses water in its 3 forms (ie, steam, and liquid)
  39. treatment of physical ailmetns using therapeutic water baths
  40. Name different ingredients used in therapeutic water baths called baneotherapy
    • Mineral
    • mud or fango
    • dead sea salt
    • seaweed
    • enzymes
    • peat
  41. balneum
    bath in Latin
  42. technique performed on feet, hands, and ears to correspond to body zones causing relaxation, increased circulation, and balance
  43. concepts based on the 3 doshas
  44. What are doshas
    mind and body types
  45. Ayurvedic treatments include...
    • Shirodhara
    • massage and facials using acient Indian concepts and ingredients
  46. What are the 3 body/mind types
    pitta, kapha, and vatta
  47. appears as dimpled or bumpy skin caused primarily by female hormones and genetics
  48. How do you reduce and repair cellulite?
    Keep collagen and elastin healthy. Cells and connective tissue need to be strengthened and hydrated through nutrients and water intake
  49. How can you make surgery less traumatic and shorten the recovery time for the client?
    Getting the skin in its optimum state and healthy as possible by increasing the skin;s metabolism and reducing cellular debris on the surface are part of condtioning the skin
  50. Nonablative procedures
    do not remove tissue; no blade
  51. Sources for collagen
    human or animal; synthetic sources: silicone and hyaluronic acids(HAs)
  52. Reconstructive surgery
    "restoring a bodily function." Necessary for accident survivors and those with congenital disfigurements or other diseases
  53. esthetic surgery; elective surgery for improving and altering the appearance
    Cosmetic surgery
  54. eye lift; removes fat and skin from the upper and lower lids, making them less baggy and crinkled-looking
  55. When can an eye lift be covered by insurance
    sagging eyelids impede on a patient's ability to see
  56. minimizes varicose veins (dilated blood vessels) and other varicosities by injecting chemical agents into the affected areas
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