that's english modulo 7 unit 2 verbos

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  1. esforzarse
    push yourself
  2. averiguar, resolver, descifrar
    figure out
  3. instalar 
    realizar  algo
    set up

    set up experiment
  4. quedarse a tras, retrasarse
    fall behind

    he started to fall behind with the rent

    i was ill for a week and I fell behind with my work
  5. contrastar, respaldar
    Where is the data to back it up?

    The evidence to back up my theory
  6. considerar, tener en cuenta, estudiar algo,
    They are looking out the possibility of carrying out more research 

    you mus also look into the advantages and disadvantages of the new equipment 

    I'm going to look into this matter more deeply
  7. estar al dia
    I need to keep up with the lasted technical and scientific development in the field.
  8. lleva a cabo
    Scientists carry out experiments so athletes can take legal drugs

    Researchers carry out dangerous experiments
  9. averiguar, descubrir ( find out)
    come up with

    I'm trying to come up with solution 

    • Sam has shown what a young mind can come up with 
    • each one must come up with their own solution

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that's english modulo 7 unit 2 verbos
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