Spanish Regulares Verbos

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  1. Abrir
    to open
  2. Admitir
    to admit
  3. Confundir
    to confuse
  4. Cubrir
    to cover
  5. Describir
    to describe
  6. Descubrir
    to discover
  7. Encubrir
    to cover up
  8. Escribir
    to write
  9. Eximir
    to exempt
  10. Imprimir
    to print
  11. Inscribir
    to enroll, to register
  12. Insistir
    to insist
  13. Partir
    to divide, to leave
  14. Prohibir
    to prohibite
  15. Presumir
    to suppose, to boast
  16. Pulir
    to polish
  17. Recibir
    to receive
  18. Repartir
    to distribute
  19. Resistir
    to resist
  20. Reunir
    to meet
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