Older Adults

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  1. Protein needs for older adults
    1-1.5 g/kg BW
  2. CHO recommendations
    45-65% of total cals
  3. Fiber needs for Men and Women
    M: 28 g

    W: 22 g
  4. True/False: an individual who is losing muscle due to inactivity requires a higher protein intake
  5. Consuming protein slightly above the RDA and distributed throughout the day
    Stimulated muscle synthesis and minimizes the risk of sarcopenia
  6. Men and Women not getting enough of (6)
    • Vit D
    • Vit A
    • Vit E
    • K+
    • Ca2+
    • Mg
  7. Just men not getting enough of (2)
    • Vit K
    • Vit C
  8. Average number of years of life remaining for persons in a popular cohort or group; most commonly reported from birth
    Life expectancy
  9. Maximum number of years someone might live; is projected to range from 110-120 years for humans
    Life span
  10. DRI for fat
    20-35 % of total kcalĀ 

    <10% for saturated fat (<7% if hyperlipidemia, atherscolerosis, CHD, DM

    minimize trans fats
  11. RDA for calcium for men and women
    1200 mg/d
  12. Meds that decrease folate absorption
    sulfasalazine, methotrexate, dilantin (phenytoin)
  13. PA recommendations
    at least 150 mins/week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity

    Muscle strengthening on 2 or more days per week
  14. 6 considerations for education materials for older adults
    • larger type size
    • serif lettering (time new roman, has feet)
    • bold type
    • high contrast (black on white)
    • non-glossy paper to reduce glare
    • Reading level of 5-8th grade
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