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  1. 1. (201) Before you erect a structure, obtain the required information needed from the
    working drawings.
  2. 2. (201) To determine the size, the number, and the location of structural members constituting the building framework, which plan should you review?
  3. 3. (201) Which project drawing would you reference to see construction assemblies and installations on a large-scale drawing that were not clearly shown in other drawings?
  4. 4. (201) To specify construction for the military services, which specification would you use?
    Uniformed Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS).
  5. 5. (202) You identify each sheet in a set of construction drawings by referring to the
    title block in the bottom right corner.
  6. 6. (202) Where on a construction drawing would you refer to determine the total width and length of a building?
    Outer dimension lines on a floor plan.
  7. 7. (202) To determine window locations on a construction drawing you should refer to the
    centerline measurements on the floor plans.
  8. 8. (202) When reading a slab foundation plan, you can determine if there are any interior footings below the slab because they are shown as
    hidden lines.
  9. 9. (203) When sketching working drawings, which view would you use to show an object as if you are standing directly over it and looking down on it?
  10. 10. (203) When sketching working drawings, you may write an angle dimension outside of the angle when the angle is extremely
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