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  1. Define Velocity?
    How fast something is moving (its speed) and in what direction it is moving.
  2. Define Acceleration?
    Rate of change in velocity.
  3. Define Displacement?
    • The direction and distance of the shortest path between an initial and final position.
    • The direction and length of the shortest path from the initial to the final position of an object’s motion.

    • Δx = xf − xi
    • Δx = displacement
    • xf = final position
    • xi = initial position
    • Units: meters (m)
  4. Define magnitude?
    the magnitude − the amount − of the displacement.
  5. Define Velocity?
    • It is the measure of how fast and in which direction the motion is occurring.
    • -represented by v.
    • -Velocity has the dimensions of length divided by time; the units are meters per second (m/s).

    • Δx = displacement
    • Δt = elapsed time
    • Units: meters/second (m/s)
  6. How to calculate average velocity?
    Image Upload 1
  7. Define Average Velocity?
    equals displacement divided by the time it takes for the displacement to occur.
  8. Instantaneous Velocity?
    Velocity at a specific moment.
  9. Define Acceleration?
    Acceleration measures the rate at which an object speeds up, slows down or changes direction. Any of these variations constitutes a change in velocity. The letter a represents acceleration.
  10. Define Average Acceleration?
    Average acceleration: The change in instantaneous velocity divided by the elapsed time.
  11. Define Instantaneous Acceleration?
    Instantaneous acceleration: Acceleration at a particular moment.
  12. Define Free-fall acceleration?
    Free-fall acceleration: Rate of acceleration due to the force of Earth's gravity.
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