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  1. One of the users in your company has a laptop that has difficulty obtaining a wireless connection in a certain areas of the building . Interestingly , users in common areas of the building have no problem with wireless connectivity . Which of the following is the most likely cause?

    Old ethernet driver
    Weak RF signal
    Duplicate IP address
    -MAC filtering was enabled at the SOHO router
    Weak RF signal
  2. When you send packets down to the client or vice versa? What port number is it?
    FTP and port number21
  3. What are emails servers from outlook and yahoo ? what port are they on? What does the acronoym stand for?
    • SMTP and port 25
    • Simple Mail Transport Protocol
  4. What is a port that connects to websites?
    • It is HTTP 80 or HTTPS example (wikipedia) with port 443
    • acronym: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  5. apple filing protocol allowing os 10 computers to transfer files across the network
    Port 548
  6. Your company has a server on an intranet that is reponsible for the hostname to Ip address resolutions. WHich of the folloing inbound ports should be open on the server in order to faciliteate this function?
    A. 427 SLP
    B. 53 DNS
    C. 80 HTTP
    D. 25 SMTP
    E. 21 FTP
    F. 548 AFP
    B. 53 DNS
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  7. Old ethernet driver will only affect a wired connection
  8. Which of the following adapter will convert an anaolog signal to ta digital signal?

    a.VGA to DVI-D
    B. HDMI to VGA
    C. HDMI to VGA
    D. S-Video
    VGA to DVI-D
  9. VGA is anaolog or digital
    Analog 15 pin
  10. Which connections are analog instead of Digital?
  11. You are servicing a printer and notice fine black particles on printouts and inside the printer itself. Which of the following tools should be used to fix the problem?
    A. Compressed air
    B.Denatured alcohol
    C. moist towel
    D. toner vacuum
    D. Toner Vaccum
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  12. one of your coworkers tells you that his mouse is not working properly. You notice that the mouse cursor spins for a minute vbefore you actually use the mouse. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?
    a. failed operating sytem
    b. Faulty mouse
    C. Not enough memory
    d. Faulty CPU
    Not enough memory
  13. Your organizations building suffered a blackout last night. Today one of the workstations wonte boote. As you analyze the ststem you find that it has alit power light,  but is not displaying anything on the screen , and is not making any sounds when you press the power button. Which of the following can you utilize to further ts the system?
    A. PSU tester
    B. Post card
    C. loopback plug
    D. multimeter
    B. Post Card
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  14. What is the process of boot of Big Four?
    • CPU
    • MoBO
    • Ram
    • Video

    when power is out
  15. What are some windows utilities?
    • Disk Defragement utility
    • Nt Backups
    • system file checker
    • chdisk
    • task manager
  16. IEEEE is what
  17. Redudant array of independant disk are for what?
    if one fails another will resume
  18. Raid 1
    disk mirroring
  19. Raid 5
    Disk pstriping / parity
  20. Raid 10
    Mirrored disk striping
  21. CPU Sockets lga775 gasupported
    Xeon Core 2 Quad Core 2 duo
  22. Intel lga 1156
    Core I3 , I5 I7 . Celeron and Xeon
  23. first core I7 supported LGA 1366
    core I7 , Xeon, Celeron
  24. AMD
    • Socket 940 Pins 940 
    • Opteron, Athlon 64 FX
  25. Athlon 64 X2 was a super accelarated CPU
  26. AMD2 with 940 pins
    Athlon 64, Opteron , Sempron , Phenom
  27. AM23 pin 941
    Phenom 11 Athlon 2
  28. AMD plus has 942  pins
  29. AMD3 PLUS HAS 905 PINS
    • PING
    • nbTSTAT
  31. windows recovery tools
    • Recovery Console
    • boots off of windows installation disk

    • Repair mode 
    • boots off of the Vista installation cd

    Restore Point

    Safe mode with F8 key

    Last known Good Configuration

    ASR Press F2 during boot up
  32. Windows XP boot four core files?
    • NTLdR operating loader code
    • Boot.ini
    • ntoskrnl.exe
  33. four boot files windows 7 and vista
    • bootmgr
    • boot configuration database
    • winload.exe
    • winresume.exe
  34. Harden Operating system and uninstall any operating system not in use. Stop services not been used. Update security patches. Firewall kept updated. Complex password. Enable auditing. Secure wireless by encrypting traffic. Disable DHCP . Use Static IP address.
  35. attrib
    changes select files or folders
  36. dir
    list contents of file system
  37. POP3
  38. SSH encrypted
  39. SIP
  40. grayware spyware and malware
  41. Spam filters on email servers
  42. KBM switch
    Allows you to switch between computers
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