Messer Chapter 2.8 - Network Devices

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  1. What do they call a hub?
    Multi-port repeater
  2. Why do they call a hub a multi port repeater?
    Because traffic going into one port is repeated to every other port
  3. Is a hub full or half duplex?
  4. How much can a hub communicate? Range
    10 Mb/100 Mb
  5. ASIC
    Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  6. What are switches and what do they do?
    Switches are bridging done in a hardware called ASIC. Switches forward information and data directly to a data link address
  7. Difference between a hub and a switch?
    Hubs send information to everyone connected to it. Switches send information to a specific data link address
  8. What device communicates from one IP subnet to another?
    A router
  9. What do routers base where they move their traffic?
    It is based on the network address
  10. What do they call routers that are inside switches?
    Layer 3 switches
  11. WAP
    Wireless Access Point
  12. What is a WAP?
    It is a bridge from wired networks to a wireless network
  13. How does a WAP make its forwarding decisions ?
    It is based on the mac address
  14. What is modem short for?
    Modulator/ Demodulator
  15. What does a modem do?
    Converts analog sounds to digital signals
  16. What do firewalls do and do modems have them?
    They filter traffic by IP, Port number, or application.

  17. VPN
    Virtual Private Network
  18. Can firewalls be routers?
  19. What are punch panels?
    They are a combination of punch down blocks and RJ45 connectors
  20. Why are runs from desks in patch panels made once?
    Because the wires will rarely move once they are in place
  21. What are copper line drivers and extenders used for?
    To extend the range of copper wire beyond normal ranges
  22. What are copper line drivers and extenders used WITH?
    Serial Links and copper ethernet
  23. PLC
    Power Line Communication
  24. What is PLC marketed as?
  25. EOP
    Ethernet Over Power
  26. What is the speed for PLC?
    500 Mb / s
  27. What is POE?
    It is putting power over an ethernet connection
  28. What is PLC
    Putting a network connection over a power cable
  29. What is built in power called for POE?
  30. What is in line power injector called for POE?
  31. Difference between a hub, router, and switch?
    Hub sends data to everyone connected to it, A switch sends data locally in the network, and a router can send data from anywhere specifically to a network address
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