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  1. A person willfully violates an injunction for protection against domestic violence by going withing how many feet of their residence, school, place of employment or any named family member?
    • Going to, or being within 500 feet or
    • Coming within 100’ of the petitioner’s motor vehicle, whether or not that vehicle is occupied
  2. Prior to enforcement of an injunction for protection against domestic violence or against repeat violence, how shall a law enforcement officer verify its existence?
    By contacting the Statewide Verification System via Teletype and the officer shall ask the petitioner to provide a copy of the injunction for review and place into evidence.
  3. Under the provisions of § 921.0024, Fla. Stat., the court may use enhanced penalties in the consideration of domestic violence offenses
    A child is present during the commission of the offense
  4. If the officer can verify an injunction is active Teletype through teletype, what is not required?
    A certified copy is not required
  5. Should officers review temporary or permanent injunctions with their supervisors prior to taking any action.
  6. If a police officer is unclear, for any reason, as to whether or not an injunction is valid for enforcement purposes, the officer shall immediately contact who?
    The supervisor for assistance, if necessary, the supervisor shall contact the police legal advisor for further consultation on the matter.
  7. A person may not have in his or her care, custody, possession or control any firearm or ammunition if the person has been issued a final injunction. A person who violates this commit is guilty of?
    a misdemeanor of the first degree
  8. Who investigates Domestic Violence Calls Involving Fort Lauderdale Police Department employees?
    A supervisor will respond to the scene and review the circumstances of the situation
  9. If probable cause exists for the arrest of the department employee, who shall complete the PC and offense report?
    Supervisor shall respond to the scene and complete the Offense Incident Report and initiate any arrest.
  10. If an employee is arrested by another law enforcement agency for a domestic violence, when must they notify a sergeant?
    Before reporting to duty...the sergeant will notify IA
  11. If another agency is responding to or handling a domestic violence case involving an employee of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the person receiving the information shall notify?
    the on-duty Communications Center supervisor who will contact the on-duty shift lieutenant
  12. If an arrest or investigation of an Employee of another Law Enforcement Agency for Domestic Violence, the supervisor will notify?
    Special Victims Unit, who shall conduct their follow-up investigation and notify the employing agency of the circumstances prior to the end of the shift.
  13. When a police officer or reserve police officer is served with any protective injunction, when is the officer is required to notify a supervisor
    prior to the beginning of the next shift.
  14. In cases where the temporary injunction is extended to become a "permanent" injunction, when should a psychological evaluation be done?
    within five (5) working days to determine his/her fitness for duty
  15. Which unit shall obtain a copy of the Order of Protection
    Office of Internal Affairs
  16. Any supervisor or manager receiving information or notification regarding a police officer or reserve police officer being served an Order of Protection shall notify
    In writing (or e-mail), the Chief of Police via the chain of command. Internal affairs shall also be notified in writing prior to the end of the shift
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