Psychology Final: Social Psychology

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  1. conformity
    change behavior/belief to fit group
  2. attribution theory
    trying to develop explanations for behavior
  3. fundamental attribution error
    overestimate internal state, underestimate impact of situation
  4. social thinking
    • analysis of a person's unusual behavior
    • done in law courts
  5. people conform when...
    • 1. social reliability & predictability (stop at red light)
    • 2. situation is ambiguous
    • 3. important to be accurate (picking confederate)
  6. internalization
    • real belief change
    • How much does the dot move? experiment
  7. chameleon effect
    using a confederate- fake subjects
  8. foot in the door phenomenon
    comply to small task--> comply to large task
  9. door in the face effect
    say no to large request--> say yes to small request
  10. causes of conformity
    • 1. informational influence- want to be correct
    • 2. social approval
    • 3. social roles (standford prison experiment)
    • 4. minimize cognitive dissonance
  11. normative influence
    conforming b/c want to be accepted
  12. line length experiment
    # confederates increase--> % conformity increases, then levels off at 3 confederates
  13. reduce cognitive dissonance by...
    • 1. change behavior
    • 2. justify behavior
    • 3. justify behavior by changing beliefs
  14. obedience & authority
    • obedience- people comply to social pressure
    • experimenter in white coat = authority, learner receives shock
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