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  1. Down Syndrome: disease that occurs less than general population
    • Behaviour Problem
    • Solid Tumor
    • Ischaemic Heart Disease
    • Social development is particularly good in Down Syndrome
  2. VUR that resolve on its own
    • Early age of diagnosis
    • U/L VUR
    • High pressure/Active Reflux
  3. VUR Antibiotic Prophylaxsis
    • Age <1 year
    • Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction
    • Breakthrough UTI
  4. ADPKD
    • Intracranial Aneurysm
    • MV Prolapse
  5. ARPKD
    • Renal finding
    • Hepatic finding i.e cirrhosis
  6. Noonan SYndrome
    • Features common to Noonan syndrome include short stature, low posterior hairline, shield chest, congenital heart disease, and a short or webbed neck.
    • In contrast to Turner syndrome, Noonan syndrome affects both sexes and has a different pattern of congenital heart disease, typically involving right-sided lesions.
  7. Klinefelter Syndrome
    • The greater the aneuploidy, the more severe the mental impairment and dysmorphism
    • Those who have higher X chromosome counts show impaired cognition. It has been estimated that each additional X chromosome reduces the IQ by 10-15 points, when comparing these persons with their normal siblings.
    • The main effect is seen in language skills and social domains
  8. Programs by MOH for control of Infectious disease
    • Expanded Programme in Immunization
    • PMTCT
    • National TUberculosis Program
    • National Malaria Program and other vector borne disease(Kala-azar)
    • Programs thad indirectly impact infectious disease(Maternal and child care program which prevents breast feeding, Vitamin and Albendazole Program, 1000 golden days program)
  9. Management of PPHN
    • General Supportive Care
    • Increase Arterial PaO2
    • In UnsucessfulNormal or Alkaline pH Can be achieved by NaHCO3 and Tromenthanine
    • Tolazoline: Non Selective alpha adrenergic antagonist
    • For Myocardial Dysfunction
    • HFOV
    • Inhale NO
    • ECMO
    • Surfact doesnot appear effective in PPHN, however it should be considered in other disease predisposing to PPHN
  10. Composition of Meconium
    • Water: 80%
    • Desquamated cells fron GI and Skin
    • GI Mucin
    • Lanugo hair
    • Fatty material from vernox caseoa
    • Amniotic fluid
    • Intestinal Secretion
    • Blood Specific glycoproteins
    • Bile and enzyme including Phospholipase A2
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