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  1. What are the goals of the Mental Health Policy
    to provide immediate response to and management of situations where the mentally ill are in a state of crisis; prevent, reduce and/or eliminate injury to both the consumer and the responding officer; find appropriate care for consumers; reduce consumer recidivism and to insure the individual receives the proper mental health services and the proper diversionary steps are taken for the safety and welfare of the mentally ill person or others.
  2. In handling voluntary admissions, the officer shall attempt to determine if the
    mentally ill person is presently, or has been under the care of a physician or
    mental health agency.  If so, the officer shall?
    the physician or agency should be contacted if circumstances permit, so that a decision can be made to provide for the treatment of the voluntary admission
  3. If a sergeant is not available to be notified and/or respond, the officer will notify who?
    A CIT member
  4. Who has been designated as the single law
    enforcement agency to serve ex-parte orders of the Court.
    The Broward Sheriff’s Office However, any law enforcement agency directed by the court may serve an order
  5. How many Baker Act receiving facilities in the City of Fort Lauderdale accept adults?
    • There are six.
    • Imperial Point Medical Center (6401 N. Federal Hwy.)
    • Atlantic Shores Psychiatric Hospital (4545 N. Federal Hwy.)
    • Fort Lauderdale Hospital (1600 ELO)
    • Broward Health Medical Center (1600 S. Andrews)
    • 19 Street Crisis Stabilization Unit (2677 NW 19 Street)
    • Plantation General Hospital (401 NW 42 Avenue, Plantation, FL)
  6. How many Baker Act receiving facilities in the City of Fort Lauderdale accept juveniles
    • Five (5)
    • Broward Health Medical Center (1600 S. Andrews)
    • Memorial Regional Hospital (3501 Johnson St., Hollywood)
    • Fort Lauderdale Hospital (1600 ELO)
    • University Pavilion (7425 N. University Drive, Tamarac)
    • Plantation General Hospital (401 NW 42 Avenue, Plantation, FL)
  7. Any deviation for transporting a juveniles in need of mental health services to the nearest juvenile receiving facility requires prior approval from
    shift captain.
  8. a perception of an event or situation as an intolerable difficulty that exceeds the person’s resources and coping mechanisms. Unless the person obtains relief, the crisis has the potential to cause severe affective, cognitive, and behavioral malfunctioning
  9. Define the partnership with the Broward County mental health professional community for the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team)
    To meet the needs of the mentally ill in crisis, keep the mentally ill out of jail, minimize the amount of time officers spend on calls, and maintain community safety
  10. How many hours of CIT training is needed?
    forty hours of specialized training in mental health issues and communication including de-escalation techniques
  11. If the incident does not necessitate an arrest, alternative remedies or diversions who can be contacted?
    First Call for Help at (954) 467-6333. The officer should document actions taken and title the incident report as DOC (PMD)
  12. What shall be the first means of transportation for a voluntary admission?
    Transportation by a relative or other acceptable means
  13. The ex-parte order for involuntary examination must be based on?
    sworn testimony, written or oral if other less restrictive means are not available, such as a voluntary appearance for outpatient evaluation, and ex-parte court order directs that a law enforcement officer or other designated agent of the court shall take the person into custody and deliver him/her to the nearest receiving facility for involuntary examination
  14. When can patients be transported between receiving mental health facilities
    when authorized by a supervisor,
  15. When will weapons be returned to individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others?
    Upon release from the mental health facility, copy of any court order directing the return of a firearm must be attached to the evidence receipt. Individuals will also be informed that ammunition will not be returned
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