Inflammatory heart diseases

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  1. What are the 3 types of inflammatory heart diseases
    endocarditis, pericarditis, rheumatic carditis
  2. Which inflammatory heart disease is uncommon
  3. What puts a pt at risk for endocarditis?
    • deformed/prosthetic valves 
    • IV drug use or poor dental 
    • congenital or HD
    • ischemic disease (MI) or heart surgery
  4. SxS of endocarditis
    • flu like 
    • Janeway lesions
    • Petichiae
    • Osler nodes
    • Roths spots
    • Splenomegaly
    • Splinter hemorrhage (nails)
  5. What are the 4 complications of endocarditis?
    HF, aneurysm, embolism of veg fragments, abscess
  6. What kind of labs are used in EC?
    Blood cultures, creatine, serological immune testing (circulating antigens)
  7. What is the priority treatment for endocarditis and what do you do before treatment?
    • Antibiotics (2-8wks) 
    • BCx before Abx
  8. What kind of surgery is done for endocarditis?
    • Drain abscesses
    • replace/repair valve
    • remove vegetations
  9. Which pts are at risk for pericarditis?
    • those that just had a resp viral infection
    • men, uremic, and ESRD
  10. After which 2 events can pericarditis occur?
    MI and CABG
  11. 2 main sxs of pericarditis
    • abrupt chest pain
    • pericardial friction rub
  12. Describe chest pain of a pericarditis pt
    • relieved when leaning forward 
    • pain w/ deep inspiration and positional change
  13. 3 main complications of pericarditis?
    • pericardial effusion 
    • chronic obstructive pericarditis 
    • cardiac temponade 
  14. What is cardiac temponade?
    a very high pressure due to fluid around the heart
  15. Sxs of cardiac temponade
    • narrowed pulses 
    • hypotension
    • muffled heart sounds
    • JVD
    • cool mottled skin
    • high CVP
  16. What tx is done for cardiac temponade
  17. What is EKG change is seen in a pericarditis
    ST elevation in ALL leads
  18. Dx done for pericarditis to r/o what?
    • possible MI 
    • cardiac enzymes
  19. Meds for pericarditis
    NSAIDS, aspirin, Tylenol, corticosteroids
  20. What 2 surgeries are done for pericarditis
    • pericardial window (open hole)
    • pericardiectomy
  21. What causes rheumatic carditis?
    abnormal immune response to pharyngeal infections
  22. What bacteria causes rheumatic carditis
    Group A Beta-hemolytic streptococci
  23. Describe patho of rheumatic carditis
    inflammation→small vegetations on valves→deformity
  24. Sxs of rheumatic carditis
    • friction rub 
    • heart murmur (S3, S4) 
    • cardiomegaly
  25. What 3 Dx test are seen in rheumatic carditis
    • ASO titer +
    • CRP + 
    • GBS A +
  26. What med for rheumatic carditis and if allergic
    • PCN 
    • Clindamycin and Erythromycin
  27. How long are Abx given for rheumatic carditis
    5-10 years
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