American War of Independence

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  1. Who were Enlightenment writers?
    Writers who argued that the power of rulers came not from God but from their people
  2. In 1765 how many colonies were there in America?
  3. In what year was the Stamp Act introduced?
  4. What did the Stamp Act do?
    The Stamp Act brought in a tax on official documents such as wills.
  5. What was the Americans' opposing slogan to the Stamp Act?
    "No Taxation Without Representation"
  6. What was set up to combat the Stamp Act?
    The Stamp Act Congress
  7. What were the 'Townshend Acts'?
    Duties or taxes on goods such glass and tea that were imported into America.
  8. How did the Americans react to the Townshend Acts?
    The Americans decided not to buy British products as a protest.
  9. In what year was the Boston Massacre?
  10. Ow many people were killed in the Boston Massacre?
  11. What name was given to the Americans who believed that America should control its own affairs?
  12. What in the Boston Tea Party?
    Men dressed as Native Americans boarded British ships importing tea, and threw the tea overboard.
  13. What was the name given to the laws passed against Boston?
    Intolerable Acts
  14. What happened at the First Continental Congress?
    Representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies met up in Philadelphia to discuss the Intolerable Acts. It called on Americans not to buy British goods until the Intolerable Acts were removed.
  15. What were voluntary soldiers called?
  16. When did the battles of Lexington and Concord begin?
  17. List the key causes of the American War of Independence in chronological order.
    • 1765- Stamp Act
    • 1767- Townshend Acts
    • 1770- Boston Massacre
    • 1773- Boston Tea Party
    • 1774- Intolerable Acts
    • 1774- First Continental Congress
    • 1775- Battle of Lexington
  18. How long did the War of Independence last for?
    1775- 1781
  19. When was the First Continental Congress?
  20. When was the Second Continental Congress?
  21. When was the Battle of Bunker Hill?
  22. In what year did the British leave Bunker Hill after losing their battle?
  23. Who wrote the pamphlet 'Common Sense'?
    Thomas Paine
  24. Who wrote the 'Declaration of Independence'?
    Thomas Jefferson
  25. When was the Declaration of Independence passed by Congress?
    July 4th 1776
  26. When was the Battle at Long Island?
  27. Who won the Battle of Long Island?
    The British
  28. When was the attack on Trenton?
    Christmas Day 1776
  29. Who won the attack at Trenton?
    The Americans
  30. In what year did the British defeat Washington and gain control over Philadelphia?
  31. Why did Washington have to stay in Valley Forge?
    Because the British defeated him and gained control over Philadelphia.
  32. Who led the American army at the Battle of Saratoga?
    General Gates
  33. Who won the Battle of Saratoga?
    The Americans
  34. Why did the French help the Americans after their victory at Saratoga?
    They wanted revenge after their loss of Canada
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