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  1. How many planets are there?
  2. Why is earth called the miracle planet?
    It is the only planet that has air and water to support human life and it is the perfect temperature for humans to live in.
  3. Describe the earth's shape.
    The earth is shaped like a sphere that is slightly flattened at the North and South poles and bulges slightly at the equator.
  4. What is the outer layer of the earth?
    The crust
  5. Which of the earths layers is the hottest?
    The core
  6. Which of the earths layers is made up of molten rock?
    The mantle
  7. Write three sentences to describe the earths crust
    • The crust is the earths outer skin and consists of solid rock.
    • It can be up to 60 km deep under the earths continents. The earth can be as thin as 10km under the oceans.
  8. What name is given to the sections into which the earth's crust is broken?
  9. What is magma?
    Molten rock found beneath the surface of the earth
  10. What process causes plates to move?
    Convection currents
  11. What are constructive boundaries?
    Constructive boundaries are where plates are pulling away from each other due to convection currents. Magma rises from underneath the surface to fill the gap and hardens to form new land.
  12. What is a mid-ocean ridge?
    A mid-ocean ridge is an underwater mountain range.
  13. Describe how a mid-ocean ridge is formed.
    Mid-Ocean ridges occur underwater in constructive boundaries. As the plates pull apart, magma rises from the mantle to fill the gap. When the molten rock reaches the cold seawater, it cools and hardens to form a new ocean floor. As the eruptions of magma continue in an endless cycle, the ocean floor is built up to form a long ridge of mountains.
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