Readiness (Unit 2) Readiness Mgmt

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  1. What is the task of the UDM?
    The UDM is tasked to implement the Prime RIBS program in accordance with the Prime RIBS Manager's guide, AFI 10-214 and AFPC/SV Readiness Standards.
  2. List 5 responsibilities of a UDM to ensure readiness.
    • Any of the following:
    • - Are unit commanders and staff informed of the deployment status of unit personnel?
    • - Can the unit deployment control center be immediately activated?
    • - Is a copy of the IDP/BaS&E available in the unit deployment control center?
    • - Is there a continuous training program to familiarize unit personnel with the IDP and with specific responsibilities during deployment?
    • - Is a current pyramid unit recalling notification plan in effect and can unit personnel be recalled in the event of telephone or communication failure?
    • - Are unit deployment rosters complete and current and updated in LOGMOD/LOGMOD Stand-Alone?
    • - Do qualified individuals fill each deployable UTC position assigned to the unit?
    • - Are individuals notified (person-to-person) when tasked to deploy?
    • - If cargo couriers are required, is the unit deployment roster annotated?
    • - Have designated classified couriers been identified?
    • - Have procedures been established to ensure individuals are briefed on responsibilities for deployment to include personal clothing and equipment?
    • - Ensure members have professional equipment and supplies
    • - Ensure the accuracy of documents and records necessary for deployments
    • - Individuals having their personal affairs in order at all times and have informed family members there is a strong probability of very short-notice deployments?
    • - What family readiness flight program are available?
    • - Advise family members to contact the local Red Cross rep if any emergency arises that demand the return of the individual.
    • - Responsibility to contact medical personnel when a physical condition is detected that might limit capability to perform deployment duties so that an AF Form 422, Physical Profile
  3. What does the UPMR show?
    It shows the authorized positions with such associated information as: personnel assigned, position number, DAFSC, authorized grade, functional account code, personnel accounting symbol, and required security clearance level.
  4. What is the fundamental premise of SORTS reporting?
  5. Who designs measurement criteria?
  6. What mechanism to the unit does the ART provide?
    Provide units a mechanism to report UTCs current and future (six months out) ability or inability to fulfill it's MISCAP across the full ROMO, to include contingency and rotational operations, and highlight associated deficiencies within the UTC
  7. List the 3M lead UTCs.
  8. Which 3M UTC provides NAFI support?
  9. Which BEAR UTC will be used to open-the-base?
    BEAR 150 or Swift BEAR
  10. What is the primary goal of the FM?
    To improve the Air Force's capability to rapidly deploy and commence effective combat operation.
  11. What is "introduced" during the Operate the Base FM?
    QoL programs such as fitness, recreation, and field exchange support.
  12. Define and explain the Robust the Base FM?
    This FM contains those support forces that would typically not arrive until 30 days after an operation location is established. It provides additional ECS forces to robust the capabilities already in place from previous FMs until a rotation operation can be implemented. The robust FM is considered part of the baseline structure for the AETF
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