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  1. Adjunct
    (n)-something added to another thing but not essential to it

    (adj)- joined or associated
  2. Bellwether
    (n)-a leader or one who assumes leadership
  3. Caterwaul
    (v or n)- to utter long wailing cries
  4. Chimerical
    (adj)- unreal, imaginary
  5. Effete
    (adj)- lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate
  6. Fait Accompli
    (n)- an accomplished act
  7. Hidebound
    (adj)- narrow in opinion, stubborn
  8. Hierarchy
    (n)- any system where one thing is ranked above another
  9. Liturgy
    (n)- a form of public worship
  10. Mirage
    (n)- an optical phenomenon
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