Biochem Drugs/Proteins

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  1. Rifampicin
    • Inhibits initiation of RNA synthesis
    • Blocks formation of first phosphodiester bond
  2. Actinomycin D
    • Inhibits RNA synthesis by incalating DNA
    • Causes mutations
    • Works in both pro- and eukaryotes
  3. Alpha-amanitin
    • Inihibits eukaryotic RNA polymerase
    • RNA pol I - (nucleolus) insensitive
    • RNA pol II - (mRNA) highly sensitive
    • RNA pol III - (tRNA) moderately sensitive
  4. Antibiotics to bacteria
    • Inhibit protein translation
    • Act of rRNA, not the ribosomal protein
  5. Diphtheria toxin
    Inihibits translocation of protein being synthesized
  6. Puromycin
    • Causes premature chain termination
    • Acts like aminoacyl-tRNA
    • Affects both pro- and eukaryotes
  7. Streptomycin
    Inhibits initiation and causes misreading of mRNA in prokaryotes
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