Science - Space Travel

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  1. What is a space shuttle?
    This is a spacecraft that can be used more than once and that carries people into outer space and back to Earth
  2. State the function of the International Space Station (ISS)
    This is a spacecraft facility that orbits Earth with astronauts on board
  3. What is a wave?
    This transfers energy from one point to another

    It does this through vibrations
  4. List the features of a wave
    1. Crest

    2. Trough

    3. Wavelength

    4. Frequency

    5. Amplitude
  5. What is the crest of a wave?
    This is the top of the wave
  6. What is the trough of a wave?
    This is the bottom of the wave
  7. What is the wavelength?
    This is the distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of another
  8. What is the frequency of a wave?
    This is the number of waves passing any point in one second
  9. What is the amplitude of a wave?
    This is the greatest displacement of a wave from its undisplaced position
  10. List the different types of space mission
    1. Human

    2. Flyby

    3. Orbiter

    4. Robotic Lander
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