PPF Review of root anatomy

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  1. Where are root concavities commonly found
    Proximals of anterior and posteriors

    Facial and Linguals of posteriors
  2. __________ are the least likely of all anterior teeth to have prominent root depressions and the _________ surface may have a slight longitudinal depression
    • Maxillary centrals
    • Mesial surface
  3. The maxillary laterals often have a shallow longitudinal depression on the _________ root surface and extends about __________
    • distal
    • half the root length
  4. In the maxillary canines root concavities are common on ___________
    both the mesial and distal but more likely to be present on the distal
  5. On the mandibular central incisors there is a shallow depression on the ______ in the ________ area and a deeper concavity _________
    • M and D
    • cervical
    • that extends the length of the root on both mesial and distal surfaces
  6. The mandibular lateral's depression are located in the same area as __________
    the mandibular centrals
  7. On the mandibular canine there is no depression in the __________ area but most likely of all the anteriors to have a __________
    • cervical
    • deep M & D longitudinal concavities that extend length of the root
  8. The maxillary 1st premolar has a deep linear concavity of the ______. It is also usually bifurcated and the furcation begins in the ________and about ____mm from the CEJ
    • M (less pronounced on D root)
    • middle to apical third of root
    • 7mm
  9. ___________ are single rooted posterior teeth that may have mesial and distal concavities in the _________
    • Mandibular premolars and maxillary second premolars
    • cervical third and extending the root length
  10. Where are the roots of the maxillary 1st molar located? The ________ has deep depressions from CEJ to furcations. The palatal root contains a _________
    • 2 Buccal roots with 1 furcation and 1 palatal root with 2 furcations
    • root trunk
    • Prominent longitudinal groove (extends length of root)
  11. The distal-lingual furcation of the maxillary first molar is located ____mm from the CEJ
  12. The mesial-lingual furcation of the maxillary 1st molar is located __mm from the CEJ
  13. The Buccal furcation of the maxillary first molar is located __mm from the CEJ
  14. The Palatal root  of the ________ is the largest and longest of all maxillary molar roots
    maxillary first molar
  15. Mandibular molars have ____ roots and _____ furcations
    • M and D
    • B and L
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