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    Jacobson clamp

    • AKA “Jake” or “Baby Jake”
    • Curved or Straight
    • Has a VERY FINE tip
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    Halsted “mosquito” clamp

    Curved or straight
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    Baby Mixter (Right Angle)
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    “Alligator” teeth, rather than Rat teeth
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    Bishop Forceps

    Commonly used in Blepharoplasties or procedure of or around the eye
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    Stevens Tenotomy Scissor

    • Curved of Straight
    • Tip has concave outer edge
    • Common in facial and hand procedures
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    Iris Scissor

    • Curved or Straight
    • Common in facial plastics
    • Straight is often used as suture scissor for delicate suture
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    Joseph Scissor

    • Slightly curved
    • Tip similar to Iris scissor, but a much larger
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    Webster Needle Holder

    • Smaller than Hegar needle holder to accommodate small suture needles
    • Gold plating indicated Tungsten Carbide tip
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    Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder

    • Has scissors built into tip.
    • For superficial suturing
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    Heiss Retractor

    • Mini self retaining retractor
    • Common in surgery of the hand
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    Ragnell Retractor

    Double ended
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    Joseph Skin Hook

    Double prong, sharp
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    Guthrie Skin Hook

    • Double prong, sharp
    • Much smaller than Joseph, prong closer together
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    Freeman Facelift Retractor

    • AKA “Bear claws” “Cat claws”
    • VERY shape tips
    • Also used in Breast cases
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    Lighted Breast Retractor

    • Commonly used in dissection of pocket for breast implants
    • Fiberoptic light from external source
    • Has suction port for smoke evacuation
    • Multiple lengths available
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    Freeman Areola Sizer

    • AKA “Cookie Cutter”
    • Used to measure and mark areola size for breast lifts, reductions or reconstructions. Pushed into skin to leave indentation or edge will be coated with colored dye
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    Liposuction cannula

    Many lengths and tips available

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