modulo 7 unit 3 verbos y expresiones

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  1. comportarse 
    • to act/ækt/
    • you should act your age.

    sinonimos: behave
  2. como vas? ( con lo que estas haciendo)
    como te apañas?
    How are you getting on?
  3. llevarse bien
    get on with
  4. entrar al correo
    enter your email address
  5. recordatorio de contraseña
    they can send you a password reminder to this email.

  6. matricularse, registrarse, inscribirse
    I’ve signed up for an Open University course in the History of Art.

    sinonimos: enrol , register
  7. apuestas online
    on-line betting
  8. eres bueno en eso?
    Are you good at it?
  9. nunca me hubiera imaginado
    I’d never have guessed you were a professional gambler.
  10. me imagino que es porque
    • I guess that's why......
    • i guess that's why you are a good player
  11. hagamos Skype, te parece?
    Let’s try Skype, shall we?
  12. empecemos de nuevo, te parece?
    let's startagain shall we?
  13. pulcro
    neat  /niːt/
  14. que bonito...
    que ordenadorcito mas bonito
    what a neat 

    What a neat little computer.
  15. empecemos con este, te parece?
    Let’s start with this one. shall we?
  16. este te permite.......
    This one lets you design your own birthday cards.
  17. 3º condicional
    • if + past perfect, would / wouldn’t + have + past
    • participle
    • - Expresa situaciones hipotéticas en el pasado y, por tanto, imposibles de realizar.

    If it hadn’t been for my granddaughter, I would never have lived my dream.

    Susan would have worked if she hadn’t had five children.
  18. si no nos hubiéramos conocido en la universidad no  nos hubiéramos casado
    If we hadn’t met at university, we wouldn't have got married
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