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  1. tu dois
    you must
  2. je dois
    I must
  3. il/elle doit
    he/she/it must
  4. nous devons
    we must
  5. vous devons
    you must
  6. ils/elles doivent
    they must
  7. je crois
    I believe
  8. tu crois
    you believe
  9. il/elle croit
    he/she/it believes
  10. nous croyons
    we believe
  11. vous croyez
    you believe
  12. ils/elles croient
    they believe
  13. je recois
    I receive
  14. voir
    to see
  15. revoir
    to see again
  16. tu recois
    you receive
  17. il/elle recoit
    he/she/it receives
  18. nous recevons
    we receive
  19. vous recevez
    you receive
  20. ils/elles recoivent
    they receive
  21. contredire
    to contradict
  22. interdire
    to forbid
  23. predire
    to predict
  24. je dis
    I say
  25. tu dis
    you say
  26. il/elle dit
    he/she/it says
  27. nous disons
    we say
  28. vous dites
    you say
  29. ils/elles disent
    they say
  30. apprhende
    to learn
  31. comprendre
    to understand
  32. entreprendre
    to undertake
  33. surprendre
    to surprise
  34. je prends
    I take
  35. tu prends
    you take
  36. il/elle prend
    he/she/it takes
  37. nous prenons
    we take
  38. vous prenez
    you take
  39. ils/elles prennent
    they take
  40. emettre
    to emit or issue
  41. permettre
    to permit
  42. promettre
    to promise
  43. remettre
    to put back
  44. sumettre
    to submit
  45. je mets
    I put
  46. tu mets
    you put
  47. il/elle met
    he/she/it puts
  48. nous mettons
    we put
  49. vous mettez
    you put
  50. ils/ellez mettent
    they put
  51. apparaitre
    to appear
  52. paraitre
    to seem
  53. reconnaitre
    to recognize
  54. je connais
    I know
  55. tu connais
    you know
  56. il/elle connait
    he/she/it knows
  57. nous connaissons
    we know
  58. vous connaissez
    you know
  59. ils/elles connaissent
  60. je sais
    I know
  61. tu sais
    you know
  62. il/elle sait
    he/she it knows
  63. nous savons
    we know
  64. vous savez
    you know
  65. ils/elles savent
    they know
  66. elire
    to elect
  67. je lis
    I read
  68. tu lis
    you read
  69. il/elle lit
    he/she/it reads
  70. nous lisons
    we read
  71. vous lisez
    you read
  72. ils/elles lisent
    they read
  73. poursuivre
    to pursue
  74. s'ensuivre
    to ensue
  75. je suis
    I follow
  76. tu suis
    you follow
  77. il/elle suit
    he/she/it follows
  78. nous soivons
    we follow
  79. vous suivez
    you follow
  80. ils/elles suivent
    they follow
  81. decrier
    to describe
  82. inscrire
    to inscribe
  83. je ecris
    I write
  84. tu ecris
    you write
  85. il/elle ecrit
    he/she/it writes
  86. nous ecrivons
    we write
  87. vous ecrivez
    you write
  88. ils/elles ecrivent
    they write

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