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  1. what is sialolithiasis
    parotid gland obstructing stone
  2. candidemia, what needs to be ruled out
    ophthalmology referral
  3. how long can you give TPA for MI
    up to 12hours but it should be given 30 mins from entering the ED
  4. who age groups does milaria affect
  5. pharmacotherapy for anorexia nervosa
    second generation antipsychotics
  6. pharmacotherapy for anorexia vs bulimia
    • anorexia- antipsychotics
    • bulimia- SSRI
  7. indication for aldosterone antagonist
    Indication for ICD
    • NYHA class II and EF <30
    • NYHA class III and IV and EF <35
    • post STEMI and EF 40% and symptomatic HF +DM

    • For ICD
    • NYHA II and III and EF<35%
    • post MI and EF <30%
  8. when can you use warfarin in pregnancy
    mechanical HF and warfarin dose <5mg/day
  9. klinefelter have high risk of developing what
    • breast and other cancers
    • COPD and bronchiectasis
  10. pregnancy and intolerable pruritus
    intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
  11. how is HELLP, acute fatty liver of pregnancy and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy diff
    all have elevated transaminases

    • ICP does not have thrombocytopenia or HTN
    • acute fatty liver has renal failure
  12. rx for parkinson's
    • mild to moderate and <65-dopamine agonists
    • severe or >65- carbidopa/levidopa
  13. when can you use triphexphenydyl in parkinson's
    if you only have resting tremor and nothing else
  14. eosinophilia, GI + pulmonary symptoms and travel to endemic area
  15. unexplained gram neg sepsis in an immigrant from vietnam(region) or south eastern US
    test for strongyloides
  16. empiric rx for hospital acquired meningitis
    cefepime(or ceftazidime) + vanco

    • For immunocompromised
    • anti-pseudomonas cephalosporins + vancomycin
  17. rx for contact lens associated conjunctivitis
  18. rx for allergic conjunctivitis
    • mast cell stabilizer e.g montelukast
    • warm compresses
    • topic anti histamine or decongestant
  19. another test to see if effusion is transudate
    serum effusion albumin gradient, if >2-->transudate
  20. OHS is diagnosed how
    • hypoxia
    • hypercapnea
    • reduced FEV1 and FVC and normal FEV1/FEVC
  21. what is guttate psoriasis
    occurs after stereo infection
  22. what affects DIP joints
    gout and OA
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