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  1. Take a test
    (not make a taste)
  2. I passed the test
    (I didn't do badly on the test)
  3. I had 4 fares
    (not I did 4 rides)
  4. a taxi fare
    a ride in a taxi
  5. she was going home
    (where the girl was going on your first fare)
  6. he was a Chinese man who was going to work
    Chinese guy + work + past tense
  7. the taxi drivers are crazy, rude, corrupt and have a bad reputation.
    what are taxi drivers like in Brazil
  8. cuz I don't have time
    (not " cuz I not have time" )
  9. why didn't I think of this before?
    (why + before + think)
  10. wrote
    write but in PAST TENSE
  11. I wrote a story yesterday.
    past tense example of write
  12. I am writing a story now.
    present progressive example of write.
  13. I have written a story.
    present perfect example of write.
  14. there is a guy who has a good technique for photography
    technique in a sentence
  15. in order to take candid pictures you have to be able to deal with awkward moments.
  16. awkward
    uncomfortable feeling, strange feeling
  17. photographers who do candid photography
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