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  1. Tina: So wadaya think?
    So far, he's fine...
  2. Tina:  So far?!  I think he is perfect!
    He's great looking, that's for sure...
  3. Tina:  And smart!  God, he's like Joe Genius at the law firm, Binky says...
    He seems like he's bright.  He's read a book lately, at least...
  4. Tina:  He reads like a maniac.  Like at lunch.  Binky says everybody else goes out and gets loaded with the clients and here's Dan still at the old desk with the pb sandwiches and the laptop.
    He's got a sense of humor, too.  I mean, I think he's said a lot of funny things tonight.  Witty.  Perceptive, even...
  5. Tina:  Are you kidding?  God, he is hysterical!  He gets Binks laughing on the phone, like Binks can't stop, like with tears...
    And he offered to help clear the table.  (Wait for reaction.) I know.
  6. Tina:  Because they don't, you know.  Still.  They won't.
    Nod.  It's like the last bastion.  The Alamo.
  7. Tina:  Yea.  They like... dig in, they get this rigid look...
    Sort of daunted, but entrenched...
  8. Tina:  And they start talking sports.
    Or business man talk.  'To the best of my knowledge, Fred."
  9. Tina:  Right!  Right!  That's the best thing about Binky being Binky.  When people start that crap with him, it just doesn't cut it.  "To the best of my knowledge, Binky."
    Giggle together
  10. Dan:  You guys are having a good time in here.  Binks and I are missing it.  We feel ripped off.  We feel we should express that.
    And we're glad you did.  hold eye contact, smile shyly.
  11. Dan, Tina, Dan:  How 'bout if I tell him it's almost ready?
    Tell him, "Almost ready, to the best of my knowledge, Binky."
  12. Dan... Tina:  WOO!
    Yeah.  It's great.  So far.
  13. Tina:  What is this "So far?!"  There is no hidden horror.... I mean, if you don't take him, take Binky and I'll take him!
    I really am attracted to him.  I mean he turns me on, I can't...
  14. Tina:  Tell me about it!  I can see it!  It's like... a force!
  15. Tina:  Yeah!  Also, you keep grinning.
    I do?  Oh, God...
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